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skeily Nov 8 '18

IPL machine have been around for a while and are mainly used to reduce hair. A few years ago, Elight appeared to allow therapists to treat customers with darker skin, reducing discomfort and effectiveness. Elight is a combination of two parts of the EM spectrum, light and RF, or radio frequency.

Due to its unparalleled flexibility and consistently good results, Elight dominates the market in terms of machine sales. This device has many business-to-business distributors such as Caci, Ellipse, Lynton and Clinical Lasers. Everyone has a global influence.

A new IPL technology recently introduced is the SHR. SHR stands for Super Hair Removal, a permanent hair removal technology that has achieved great success. The system combines the advantages of laser technology and pulsed light to achieve an almost painless effect. It is now even possible to treat hair that has hitherto been difficult or even impossible to remove. “In Motion” represents a breakthrough in permanent hair removal using light technology. Compared to traditional systems, the treatment is more comfortable and your skin is better protected.

What is the difference between laser and IPL technology?

Conventional laser or IPL techniques use a short pulse of about 2-300 milliseconds to apply a large amount of energy (12-120 joules per square centimeter). Energy is transferred to the hair roots through melanin, which produces a warmth of 65-72 degrees Celsius. Energy reaches the root of the hair follicle only through melanin. Skin and red blood cells have an absorption coefficient similar to melanin and therefore also absorb the high levels of energy produced by the laser and IPL methods. This can cause swelling to last for days or even three degrees.

On the other hand, the OPT SHR hair removal machine technique only partially utilizes the melanin pathway (50%). The skin is infiltrated into the hair follicles and the hair grows. Conventional devices that do not use SHR technology only transfer energy along the melanin to the hair follicle.

The SHR gently transfers energy through the skin and melanin to the hair follicles.

Studies have shown that a slower but longer heating process is more effective than permanent energy for high energy and short energy. Therefore, when SHR is used, low energy but high repetition rate (up to 10 Hz, ie 10 times per second) is used instead of using a single conventional method to pass the device through the tissue 6-10 times (in motion) with high energy impulses. Therefore, the hair melanin and the tissue of the stem cells are heated at a slower speed and a longer period of time (90 seconds) to a comfortable temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. SHR can successfully treat blonde hair, and some even white hair, because hair pigments are only secondary.