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zongyi Nov 8 '18

Sewage pumps and other pumps, impeller, water pressure chamber, sewage pump is the two core components. Its performance also represents the performance of the pump, anti-clogging performance of sewage pump, efficiency, and cavitation performance, anti-abrasion performance is mainly guaranteed by two parts, vane pump and pressure chamber. The following is an introduction:
Impeller structure:
The impeller structure is divided into four categories: blade type (open type, closed type), swirl type, channel type, and helical centrifugal type (including single channel and double channel).
Open semi-open impeller is easy to manufacture. When blockage occurs in the impeller, it can be easily cleaned up and maintained. However, in long-term operation, under the abrasion of particles, the clearance between the blade and the side wall of the water pressure chamber will be increased, thus reducing the efficiency. And the increase of gap will destroy the pressure difference distribution on the blade. It not only produces a large number of eddy losses, but also enhances the axial force of the pump. At the same time, due to the increase of clearance, the stability of liquid flow in the flow passage is destroyed, resulting in the vibration of the pump. This type of impeller is not easy to transport medium containing large particles and long fibers. In terms of performance, this type of impeller is inefficient and most efficient. The rate is about 92% of the ordinary closed impeller, and the lift curve is relatively flat.

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