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zongyi Nov 7 '18

Sewage pump belongs to one kind of centrifugal impurity pump, which has many forms: diving pump and dry pump. The most commonly used type is QW submersible sewage pump. The most common type of dry sewage pump is W horizontal sewage pump and WL vertical sewage pump. It is mainly used to transport urban sewage, and fiber in stool or liquid. The medium of solid particles such as paper scraps is usually not more than 80 C at the temperature of the conveying medium. Because the conveyed medium contains fibers that are easily wound or bunched. Therefore, the flow passage of this kind of pump is easy to be blocked, once the pump is blocked, it will make the pump not work properly, or even burn down the motor, thus causing blockage. It has a serious impact on urban life and environmental protection. Therefore, anti plugging and reliability are the important factors of sewage pump.
Sewage pumps can be divided into: underwater sewage pumps, pipeline sewage pumps, submersible sewage pumps, vertical sewage pumps, corrosion-resistant sewage pumps, acid-resistant sewage pumps, Self-priming sewage pumps.
Sewage pump models are: PW sewage pump and PWL sewage pump.
The most common pressure chamber used in PW sewage pump is volute. Radial guide vane or runner guide vane are often used in the built-in submersible pump.
PWL type sewage pump impeller, water pressure chamber, sewage pump is the two core components. The performance of the pump also represents the performance of the pump.
With the progress of society, the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of environmental awareness, sewage pumps have been familiar with people, and their application scope has become more and more broad.
Of course, sewage pump is just an application name, in fact, lining slurry pump as a horizontal sewage pump application is very good. In the treatment of industrial sewage, rubber-lined pumps are widely used because of the acidic or alkaline substances in the sewage. According to some application cases in pump industry, rubber sheath and metal impeller are used in lining pump, which can not only achieve high pressure and high efficiency of metal pump, but also give full play to the corrosion resistance of rubber material. In the treatment of municipal sewage, usually before the sewage treatment pond, a filter screen will be added to block filament windings before the suction port of the pump, so that it can not enter the pump chamber, so that the pump can work better and have a longer life.

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