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zongyi Nov 5 '18

The specific surface area of non-ferrous metals is also very important. The test data of specific surface area of non-ferrous metals can only be authentic and reliable with the result detected by BET method. Many instruments in China can only be tested by direct contrast method, and the test in China has been eliminated. The multi-point BET method is adopted for the specific surface area test at home and abroad. The specific surface area measurement standards both at home and abroad are based on the BET test method. Please refer to the Chinese national standard (GB/T 19587-2004) - the method for the determination of solid material specific surface area by the gas adsorption BET principle.

Specific surface area testing is actually the more time-consuming jobs, as the adsorption capacity of sample is different, some sample testing may need to spend a whole day, if not implemented fully automated test process, the testers moment cannot leave, and to be highly concentrated, observation instrument panel, control knob, a bit not careful will lead to the failure of the testing process, it will waste testers a lot of precious time. Truly completely automatic intelligent specific surface area tester products, only to meet the international standards of the testing instrument industry, the same kind of international products are completely automatic, manual operation of the instrument has already been out of use abroad. Really fully automated intelligent product specific surface area analyzer, the testers from repeated mechanical operation, greatly reduces the intensity of their work, simple training, improve the working efficiency, fully automated intelligent meter surface product truly, greatly reduces the error caused by artificial operation, increase testing precision.

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