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zongyi Nov 5 '18

Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight, or rapid temperature rise in the room, etc., can cause premature aging of solid wood flooring and should be avoided as much as possible. Installed places, such as temporarily do not live, to maintain smooth indoor air flow, can not be covered with plastic sheets or newspapers, so as not to paint the surface of a long time sticky, tarnished.

Regularly clean the floor, vacuuming, to prevent the accumulation of sand or friction and scratching the floor surface. Can be placed in the door Shoe insoles, so as not to sand or abrasive dust brought indoors, usually when cleaning the floor can be used to hold a dry cotton swab wipe. Do not wipe the floor with a wet mop or aggressive liquids (such as soap and water). Autumn and winter seasons to increase the indoor air humidity, you can use the humidifier so that the indoor air humidity maintained at 50% to 70%.

Special stains cleaning methods: oil stains, paints, inks can be used to scrub special stains; if blood stains, fruit juices, red wine, beer and other stains can be wet cloth or rag dipped in the right amount of floor cleaner wipe, not available Acid-base liquid to clean the wooden floor.

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