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zongyi Nov 5 '18

1, to the correct floor cleaning. Clean floor is not only beautiful, but also the love of bamboo flooring, but should choose the correct way to clean. It may also be necessary to apply a layer of floor wax to the bamboo floor in order to protect its surface.

2, to avoid damaging the floor surface. Should pay attention to avoid hard objects impact, sharp cutlery, metal friction and other acts of injury bamboo flooring paint. Do not scratch the floor with prongs or enter shoes that may wear the floor, such as spikes. Can be placed in the doorway a small carpet, keep the shoes clean does not damage the floor, but also to prevent dust and other access to the room. The furniture in the handling process should pay attention to carefree, do not scratch the floor.

3, to maintain the indoor humidity. Bamboo flooring should choose to maintain indoor ventilation, often open the door to open, allowing indoor humid air and outdoor exchange. In the dry season, you can humidifier or put basin water in the room and other ways to humidification; in the humid to be more ventilation, keep the room dry. In addition, care should be taken to avoid exposing the bamboo floor to sun and rain.

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