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zongyi Nov 1 '18

The original meaning of heavy metals is that the proportion of heavy metals is 5 (generally speaking, the density is more than 4.5 grams per cubic centimeter of metal), including gold, silver, copper, iron, lead and so on, heavy metals accumulated in the human body to a certain extent, will cause chronic poisoning. In fact, there is no strict uniform definition of what heavy metals are. In terms of environmental pollution, heavy metals mainly refer to such biotoxic heavy elements as mercury (mercury), cadmium, lead, chromium and metal-like arsenic. Heavy metals are very difficult to be biodegraded, on the contrary, they can be enriched hundreds of times under the biological amplification of the food chain, and finally enter the human body. Heavy metals can interact strongly with proteins and enzymes in the human body, making them inactive, and may accumulate in some organs of the human body, resulting in chronic poisoning.

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Metals with a density of more than 4.5g/cm3 are called heavy metals. There are 60 kinds of natural metal elements with atomic number from 23 (V) to 92 (U). Except 6 of them, the density of the other 54 kinds of metals is more than 4.5g/cm3. Therefore, in the sense of density, these 54 kinds of metals are heavy metals. However, when elements are classified, some of them are rare earth metals, some of which are classified as refractory metals. Finally, 10 metal elements are classified as heavy metals in industry: copper, lead, zinc, tin, nickel, cobalt, antimony, mercury, cadmium and bismuth. These 10 heavy metals have no special commonalities except that they have metal commonalities and a ratio of 5 (density greater than 4.5g/cm3). All kinds of heavy metals have their own properties.

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Both air, soil and even water contain heavy metals, such as free radicals causing aging, particles harmful to the skin, dust in the air, automobile exhaust, and even tap water, which bring heavy metals to the skin. Even some skin care products such as moisturizers, such as some heavy metal raw materials such as cadmium, are also one of them. The accumulation of heavy metals has great harm to the human body.

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