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rsgoldfast2018 Sep 26 '18

GMS shouldn't have more than 4 worlds + reboot. Right now we have 6... being vacant 5 of these. Now Bera could combine Scania at acceptable populated world... merging all the click this link other worlds with Windia might be the best move... or atleast merge all of the Server Alliance worlds, we might have 2 no-so-empty servers (Windia and the merged one) and two decent-populated Scania and Bera.


Many of the things in the FM in GRAZED were totally unbuyable with maximum maplestory 2 mesos at lots of the stores which made going there for somebody who refuses to pump a house payment into this game monthly unattainable and moot. That not how it functions in Maple at least. Less people means need low supply is also meant by it. Less people means less people doing Philo novel and Marvel machines for things that matter like AEE no flourish, Prime scrolls, Outlaw heart, nebs, etc..


Low supply, very low demand is what pop server that is low contributes to. That is a market that is dead.If there are more players in BERA, there would be demand in MapleStory and work should be done by Nexon. If people are patient and because not everyone can afford certain things prices will be pushed down to a specific degree. Hi guys, welcome to MMOak do you really feel about the brand new Frig Up update?


You know when I am going to play with my Hayato I do meet some trouble. You will find must be OSRS gold some thing rate & boss accessories, which can affect my Hayato.It is not just about Hayato, or alternative classes. I discovered that getting drops is a nightmare, but allow me to share another needed on me personally.The fall rate nerf had a huge impact on bossing. Items such as boss cubes fall less even with familiars equipped and the drop accessories.