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skeily Sep 25 '18

Is laser tattoo removal really not clean?

Many friends get into trouble because of how to get rid of tattoos, and they inevitably care more about whether the tattoo removal is clean. Plastic experts tell us that there is a major medium laser that can be used to remove tattoos.

Lasers provide a great way to remove tattoos. The laser can instantaneously collect high-energy pulverization and destroy the pigment particles, and then discharge through the scab or phagocytosis and the pulverized pigment fragments discharged from the lymphatic circulation. Laser tattoo removal has a high selectivity, and normal skin around the skin will not cause damage. Laser tattoo surgery has no obvious side effects and no scars. General tattoos after 1-3 laser treatments can be removed. Of course, some tattoos are relatively deep, and the colors are more complex and require more removals, which may take 4-6 times.

Q Switche laser machine has been successfully used to remove tattoos. 1064 nm and 532 nm with large energy shock waves destroy pigment particles. The 1064nm wavelength is mainly used for black, blue, and cyan tattoo colors, red, gray, and brown at 532nm.