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zongyi Jul 11 '18

In general, solid wood flooring is not recommended for floor heating. However, the beautiful color and comfortable foot feeling of solid wood flooring make it the preferred choice for many bedrooms. The solid wood floor is made of natural wood panels, and after special dehydration and degreasing processes, it is made into standard size plates. If it is in the north, it is best not to spread solid wood floors on floor heating, warm floor top floors to strengthen the floor is better, strengthen the board is dedicated to warm the floor, but also to choose a good brand, not all laminate flooring are suitable for geothermal, So pay attention when buying.

The choice of a geothermal floor should be based on the particularity of the geothermal heating method. The first step is to adapt to changes in heat and cold and to facilitate heat conduction. The second is to facilitate heat conduction and moisture resistance. Because the solid wood floor thermal resistance, affect the cooling effect, solid wood flooring moisture content has certain requirements, vulnerable to environmental impact caused by the expansion and contraction of shrinkage, coupled with the thermal expansion and contraction caused by heating, more prone to deformation problems, will Affect the service life of solid wood flooring.

It is best not to use solid wood flooring for geothermal rooms. Geothermal floors need to be determined according to the particularity of geothermal heating methods. It is best to use special geothermal floors. Solid wood flooring can not meet the requirements of geothermal in many aspects. Solid wood flooring needs to use keel to produce a thick air layer. Wood itself is a poor conductor of heat. Moreover, the wood fiber structure has hygroscopicity characteristics, and under the change of temperature and humidity, water absorption, water loss, and deformation are easy.

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