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qizhen Apr 17 '18

The bamboo industry has become a globally recognized green industry. Big rope Bamboo forests are widely distributed around the world and are known as the "world's second largest forest." The bamboo industry, which is developed from the use of bamboo resources, has become a globally recognized green industry. It has enormous economic value, ecological value, and cultural value. It is increasingly valued by people. As an important non-wood resource, the development of the bamboo industry has practical significance in the context of today's concerns about global warming and timber shortages. In recent years, the development of the bamboo industry is strong and has achieved remarkable results. The main characteristics are as follows: 1. Bamboo forest resources have been further expanded. Bamboo structures were further optimized. A number of excellent and high-efficiency bamboo species such as Leizhu, Mazhu, Qingpizhu and Fangzhu were extensively cultivated, developed and utilized, and scattered bamboo, clump bamboo, large bamboo, and medium-sized bamboo were formed. A new pattern of comprehensive development of native bamboo species, introduced bamboo species, ecological bamboo forests, and economic bamboo forests. Industrial efficiency is further improved. The products involve traditional bamboo products (daily necessities, handicrafts), bamboo wood-based panels, bamboo pulp and paper, bamboo fiber products, bamboo charcoal and bamboo vinegar, bamboo shoot processed products, bamboo leaf extracts, etc.

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