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zongyi Apr 16 '18

Anti-fouling of the wooden floor is the floor surface cleaning problems, generally do not use the wet mop mopping the floor, drag the door and window fans after the drag, so that the wooden floor dry as soon as possible. New oasis floors such as stains, the general cloth dipped in water can be wiped clean, try not to use a variety of cleaning agents. Because of the different solvents used in various cleaners, improper use can cause solvents and floor paint to react, leaving the wooden floor damaged. Do not use acid, alkali and bleach to clean the floor.

As for mechanical damage prevention, consumers usually pay attention to avoid sharp objects, hard objects scratches on the line. Wood toughness, heavy objects fall on the wood floor is not easy to break. Wooden floor for maintenance, last quarter gloss agent, use and avoid contact with the fire. When using a damp cloth dipped in semi-wet light from the corner of the floor to the other end slowly uniform rub, back and forth twice.

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