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zongyi Apr 16 '18

Speaking of antiseptic pest control, consumers do not have to worry about, and now the level of wood processing is high, high-quality wood flooring in the production process to be preserved, has eliminated most of the pests and wood rot fungus. In addition to the extremely poor quality of new oasis flooring, the general phenomenon of decay is not pest mainly anti-termite. Today's wood flooring is generally dried at high temperatures without termites per se, but may be contaminated during storage and transportation.

Termite prevention is usually done when installing the floor. When installing the floor, pay attention to check whether there are termites in the surrounding environment, especially old houses, walls, doors and windows should be carefully checked. If you find termites, you can spray some low toxicity and efficient insecticide in the splint and clogs used, such as permethrin, fenvalerate and so on.

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