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zongyi Apr 13 '18

Some merchants make a hardness comparison test on sale, knocking their own floor against other brands of flooring to show that their floor is hard, or comparing the hardness of an 8 mm floor to a 12 mm floor, confirming that the 12 mm floor is harder Better than 8mm on the floor. In this regard, experts say, the greater the density of laminate flooring, mechanical properties, impact resistance, the higher the impact on its side more resistant, but not the greater the better the density. Under the same conditions, the substrate density is high, the greater the swelling rate of water absorption thickness, the worse the dimensional stability, easily deformed when encountering water. At the same time, the hardness, poor toughness, feet feel uncomfortable.

At present, most flooring brands have launched a relief texture of the "relief" floor, some businesses said, "relief" floor surface has done a very deal, wear than the average floor; or say "bump texture increase wear resistance" and so on . However, most of the wooden floors on the market, such as the "Big Relief", "Small Relief", "Relief Expert" and "Relief Face", are mostly discouraged. Because the wear resistance is the most important index of the use of wood flooring, carving on its surface will inevitably greatly reduce the wear resistance of the floor, reduce processing accuracy, but also easy to dirt, so that greatly reduced the quality of use. When buying, do not simply pursue the surface effect, ignoring the service life and maintenance of goods.

12mm floor and 8mm floor, the biggest difference in appearance is the 12mm floor more slots, more with solid wood flooring pavement effect. But on the market, some businesses refer to the floor trough as "the shallower the better." The reason is shallow floor taint is not easy dirt, easy to take care of. Moreover, the floor shallow groove, foot on the floor to be significantly better than the deep notch of the floor. Experts correct that the depth of the floor trough is the production process, is directly related to the convergence between the board and the board, as long as the floor buckle firmly, the depth of the floor trough is not a big problem. Now the floor tank is divided into V-groove and U-groove, each have their own merits, can not be killed by a stick.

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