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Zhang San Apr 12 '18
Adult Christmas games can make your holiday celebration a hit. Playing group games is a great ice breaker and fun maker to get the party started and keep it going. Try these great games designed for adult group suitable for friends Cheap Capitals T-Shirts , family or co-workers.

Kiss it Relay: Place a large bowl of Hersey's kisses on a table. Divide your group into two teams and have them line up around 10-15 feet away from the table. Give the first people in the row mittens that are slightly larger than they would ever need. On the mark of "Go", the first player of each team runs to the table (with their mittens on), takes a Hershey's kiss out from the bowl and tries unwrapping it with the large mittens. After they unwrap it they have to run down and pop it into the next person's mouth. The next person takes the mittens and runs to the bowl to do the same.

Reindeer Antlers: Divide your group into teams of two to four people. Give each group a pair of pantyhose. Give each team eight balloons. Then Cheap Capitals Hoodie , when "Go" is said, the race starts, and the teams start blowing up the balloons and stuffing them into the pantyhose. Once all the balloons are stuffed inside the pantyhose Custom Capitals Jerseys , a team member wears the "reindeer antlers" and the team yells "Rudolph" when finished. The first team to finish is the winning team.

Oh Christmas Tree: For this game you need green construction paper. Give everyone a chance in attempting to rip a sheet of green construction paper (behind their back) into the shape of a Christmas tree (they cannot look at their trees until finished). Once they've finished ripping, and before they look, give them little stickers to decorate their tree with. Once all done Cheap Capitals Jerseys , hang everyone's tree up and have everyone judge for the best looking tree.

Sneaky Santa: Have each guest wear name tags. Write one small letter in the corner of each tag in one of 3 colors. Add a note to the back of the tag telling the guest to find other guests with letters of like colors that form a Christmas message. The first group to get complete the message must stand together and say it out loud together. They all get a party gift.

Guess the Christmas Carol: Divide your group into two teams (try to keep it even between them). Let them draw out of a hat or rockpaperscissors to see which team begins. One person from the first team is chosen. They get a piece of paper with the name of known Christmas Carol on it. They can't show this to anyone - and just like Charades or Pictionary. They need to either act out (no words or sound) the name of the Christmas Carol or on an erase-boardchalkboardbutcher-paper on the wall - they need to draw out so that the team has to guess what Christmas Carol it is. Each team's guesses are timed and the team with the shortest guess time all of the carols wins. Losers have to sing a Christmas song chosen by the winning team.

Christmas Balls: A fun passive game. Fill a clear large jar or vase with many Christmas ball ornaments of different sizes and colors. Guest try to guess how many ornaments are in the container. Can also have multiple prizes for guessing how many red ornaments, green ornaments, etc.

Find the Ornament: Take close up pictures of ornaments that are hung on the Christmas tree. Hang all the pictures on a wall with a number next to each one. Each guest is given a sheet of paper numbered to match the ornaments. Have each guest locate the ornament on the tree and mark it off the list as they find it. They cannot take the pictures off the wall. The first one to complete the list wins. This can also be played with teams.

Snowball Toss: Divide the group into teams each team forms a line. Place a 2 taped markers on the floor a few feet from the teams. Give each team a bag of marshmallows (large Jay Beagle Capitals Jersey , not the mini size). The first team member in line stands behind the tape marker. On "Go" the 2nd one in line takes a turn trying to "catch" a marshmallow in their mouth. Once a team member catches a marshmallow, they get out of line. The team that finishes their line first wins.

Flip Punch: Place a row of plastic drinking cups full of punch on both sides of a table. Enough cups for each player. On "Go" players drink the punch as fast as they can. set the empty cup right side down and then tries to "flip" the cup off the edge of the table so it lands right side up. The first side to flip all their cups wins. This is even more fun with "spiked" punch.

There you have it - some great Christmas party games for your next holiday event!

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Terri Hunziker founded GamesAndLetters. Games and Letters provides hundreds of print-and-play games -- Christmas party games, bridal shower games John Carlson Capitals Jersey , baby shower games, and more! For immediate access to hundreds of fun games and ideas for your next party, visit Braden Holtby Capitals Jersey , gamesandletters.

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