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zongyi Mar 12 '18

Wood flooring As the raw material is wood, whether it is solid wood flooring or laminate flooring, excessive humidity will cause damage to the floor. When cleaning the floor in summer, do not directly mop the floor with a wet mop, wring the mop dry, or wipe the floor with a wet sponge mop, if water stains, dry with a dry cloth immediately to prevent water vapor infiltration floor.

Usually more than clean the floor, you can barefoot barefoot on the floor, wearing slippers walking on it, it is easy to wear the floor. Because the slippers after prolonged use, the soles will wear, sand adhesion, but also easy to absorb water vapor, wearing slippers walking on the floor, soles of the sole will scratch the floor, the pressure will be out of the water vapor damp floor.

Summer hot and rainy, do not pay attention to ventilation indoor indoors is not too hot or over-dry. When the temperature is too high and open the air conditioner, it is best to turn on the humidifier to avoid the floor due to lack of moisture in the room became dry and easy to crack; rainy days when the room is humid, it is recommended to turn on the air conditioning dehumidification function or exhaust fan, wet room discharge Gas, to avoid damp wood flooring.

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