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zongyi Mar 12 '18

Floor waxing care, wood as a natural material, although cut off to make the floor or furniture, but does not lose the characteristics of plants, wood materials with unique permeability and absorption, it is easy with the environment and Variation of the two produce material variations.

Olein is extracted from the tree and blended with natural coconut oil and high-grade ingredients, allowing the board to quickly absorb and enhance its hardness to resist scratches, abrasions and cracks. Care every three months or six months, can effectively prevent moisture or drying caused by expansion or contraction.

Surface moisture treatment: a layer of moisture-proof membrane shop floor, the general use of "three oil two blankets," which is three layers of asphalt two felt paper, and then wipe a layer of cement above to prevent the release of harmful gases. Prevent damp ground caused by expansion.

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