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monika Feb 6 '18

Making mistakes while crafting content for web is very natural but not being aware of these mistakes can be very harmful for your business. There are few common mistakes that even professional content writers make so, you must be aware of these common mistakes that you can make while writing web content so that you can avoid them and write good and engaging contents for your website.

Use Jargon

Using jargon can sometimes be difficult for the readers to understand the phrases. Not every reader is familiar with all the technical words that are hard to understand. This way you may loose potential buyers or readers. You should in fact use simple words with which readers are familiar. For this you need to identify all the terms that can be considered as jargon for your target audiences and try to find what other phrases or sentences you can use in the place of them.

Writing for search engines

Of course seo content copywriting is important for your business but that doesn’t mean that you will only be focused on search engines. You have to focus on your readers for whom you are writing it for. After all your search engines ranking will improves only when your readers will read it and drive traffics So, your main focus should be your audiences and you should write web content for your readers first.

Forgetting Keywords

You know that keywords are very important, even if you will focus first on your audience/readers but you need to write it for search engines as well for ranking it on the first page of Google in top position. If you want to get found on search engines results page for your products and services you need to identify the right keywords for it and use them strategically in your article. There are important places where you must use keywords like in the title of the articles, subheadings, in the middle of article and at the end of the article.

Choosing Quantity over quality

This is a very common mistake that writers make. They choose quantity over quality. You should write an article focused on your topic and also understand your audiences that what they are looking for or what they want. Try to understand your target audience and write short and precise articles for them that doesn’t fill a page but leaves an impression. So, you must avoid this mistake and focus on the quality of the content.


Web content writing Services is a tough job and for this you need to hire professional content writers and if you don’t want to invest on hiring a content writer then, you can do it on low prices also by hiring content writing company that provides you high-quality, engaging, fresh, original and compelling contents for your websites. They do not do these mistakes while crafting content for web which takes your business to the next level.