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Zhang San Jan 10
Scientists in a hospital in Detroit , Michigan have produced a study recently that throws quite interesting and potentially alarming news about the effects that drinking energy drinks can have on those suffering from blood pressure.

The thing is that energy drinks unlike sports drinks for those who are unaware of the difference actually contain quite high levels of caffeine and an associate substance known as taurine and the principal aim of these substances is to increase energy andor alertness amongst the drinkers. This makes these drinks very much the drink of choice for those youngsters who enjoy clubbing and other associated ?recreational? pursuits. Now a side effect of taurine which is an amino acid is that it has been noted in the past that it can lead to potentially raised blood pressure.

Now the initial results of this survey and study and I do need to re-emphasize at this particular point in time that it is indeed a small study, have provided us with the results that showed the following:

Basically researchers took 15 healthy young adults, who were volunteers and the group comprised of seven men and eight women whose average age was about 26 years and got them to stop consuming caffeine from other sources two days before also during the duration of the study.

The researchers took the volunteers and at the outset of the study recorded the blood pressure and heart rate and carried out an ECG (electrocardiogram) to assess the heart function of each volunteer.

Once the study had started researchers got the participants to drink two cans of an energy drink containing caffeine and taurine and then they initiated a series of blood pressure, heart rate and ECG tests after 30 minutes and then hourly from one to four hours later making five tests in all. This exercise was actually repeated every day for the next five days until the seventh day of the study when they repeated what they did on the first day in terms of measurements and tests.

The results did not make for pretty reading if you are interested in High Blood Pressure. The bottom line was that the results showed that within four hours of drinking the energy drink the maximum systolic blood pressure which is basically the first figure of the reading and actually the highest of the two figures when you carry out a blood pressure reading increased by 7.9% on the first day and rose to nearly 10% on the seventh.

The Heart Rates measured in the study increased by 7.8% on the first day and rose to 11% on the seventh.

Now taken in isolation it would be very easy to look at these figures and go ?yes what's the problem?. The problem is this , the increase in blood pressure and heart rate were not enough to cause the participants in the study to necessarily feel unwell because they were actually sitting in chairs watching films and not partaking of any active vigorous sport. Also if these changes were to take place in people who were suffering from either cardiovascular problems or blood pressure irregularities and then would be looking at something much more serious.

So what's his potentially sleeping time bomb that we are talking about? Well the answer to that question is twofold really. Firstly it is estimated that between 10 and 15% of the population have blood pressure irregularities already but are unaware of it and if this percentage of the population are also unknowingly increasing their blood pressure through the consumption of these drinks on a regular basis and that does have to be a problem.

The other hidden aspect of this situation is that it also has to remembered that energy drinks as has been mentioned are very much the refreshment of choice for younger people nowadays in a club environment and all that that entails. Now given the propensity of young people nowadays to ingest all forms of substances whilst also taking these energy drinks then you can also see the hidden time bomb. Drugs are a major issue but if you're taking drugs and also drinking something that is increasing your blood pressure then you don't have to be too bright to consider the potential consequences.

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