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zongyi Dec 4 '17

1, before the laying of static: Whether it is solid wood flooring, laminate flooring or laminate flooring, the main material is wood, wood materials susceptible to the impact of the occurrence of thermal expansion and contraction. After the floor to buy home, should be placed in the new home living room or other dry dark place for one to two days, the floor moisture content and indoor water balance, in order to facilitate paving.

2, the ground should be kept dry and flat: before the wooden floor pavement, the need for one week in advance the ground dryness, try to keep the ground dry for long periods, to avoid excessive humidity, but also to ensure that the ground is flat, uneven floor, then the floor after the pavement is very Prone to problems. After leveling the ground, be sure to wait for the newly-laid cement to dry completely before beginning to spread the floor so as not to breed bacteria.

3, pay attention to scaling: the expansion of wood materials affected by the temperature expansion and contraction will need to set aside the floor expansion joints, to prevent the floor after the pavement due to dry or humid deformation, cracking and so on. Different brands of floor scalability will be different, pavement workers can choose the manufacturer's installation division,

do not do it yourself.

4, floor shop to rest: After the completion of the wooden floor pavement, do not walk or place heavy objects immediately, to leave 48 hours to the floor to rest, so that the floor glue bonding more fully contribute to the effect of the floor pavement.

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