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zongyi Mar 29 '17

To promote the furniture industry has a major breakthrough in the 2016 has passed, 2017 furniture market which will be the trend? Here, will be nine for the building materials network for you 2017 years of furniture popular elements,beach portable chair predicting the trend of late trend.

1. Furniture design advocates green: green design requires the selection of green raw materials. Green furniture design in the future direction, as far as possible to consider the use of high utilization of wood materials,garden outdoor camping beds preformed materials, specialized production of components and wood composite materials.

2. The most trend of solid wood furniture: pure natural and pure natural nature of the characteristics of natural, solid wood furniture is the reason for the enduring. Which refined simple and natural rugged style is the main wooden furniture sales style. At the same time solid wood children's furniture is also a solid sales of solid wood furniture, pine,mini wooden garden chair poplar and other environmentally friendly prices are relatively affordable and very affordable children's furniture has been loved by many parents, such as Songbao Kingdom, hi dream treasure and so on.

3. Software furniture occupies half of the country: soft furniture, including cloth furniture and leather furniture. First of all, in terms of comfort, because the texture is soft,chairs for dining room table more fit the body curve, than the solid wood, plate better; In addition, more to meet the modern young people personalized, differentiated needs, coupled with its environmental protection, durability , The share in the market is growing, and gradually become a consumer trend.