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liuyi Jan 11 '17

Solid wood flooring is made of wood processing, trees in place after stripping the bark, in addition to branches after the trees can be processed wood flooring raw materials. The tree is a natural growth of the body, due to the growth of climate, soil conditions and other external factors, its structure, nature not only because of different species, even the same species, different parts of the same strain will be different for our In the wood floor production and processing and laying process must understand and master the structure of wood.

Nature and variation of the law Wood is composed of numerous cells. The size of the wood cell size, coupled with the natural growth conditions, different types of wood vary widely. Wood and its metal material, or has its inherent advantages and disadvantages: 1, wood has a natural color and beautiful patterns, and easy to color, and paint, but because of the different structure of wood thickness of different performance, the effect of paint different.

2, wood has a high ratio of strong to strong, and its strength and the higher the ratio of quality, greater than the average steel. 3, wood insulation, the conductivity of electric heating is extremely small, so the wood processing of the floor, both the insulation properties, there is insulation. 4, the wood has a certain hardness, but also has a certain plasticity. 5, easy to connect wood, with plastic or nails, screws and tenon are easily firmly connected to each other. 6, timber can be cultivated by artificial cultivation, to keep growing, inexhaustible

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