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zongyi Jan 11 '17

The floor is the important building materials of domestic decorate, the material that the floor pays attention to when we choose building materials commonly is qualitative. However, we often oversight the function fighting bacterium of the floor. Because the floor often can use a few years even ten years, time grew to be able to cause mould to wait for a bacterium among them.

Investigation personnel once undertook investigating in Beijing and Shanghai, be in 3 to already used fixed number of year to be respectively 60 years, 12 years, in example of real wood floor, gap is the least for 0.9 millimeter, the biggest more than 6 millimeter, every square centimeter the floor has aperture rubbish on average 4.56 grams, average bacterium counts 7 times of the lowermost standard that is a hospital. Main pollutant has active of mite of mould, dirt, biology in the aperture of indoor floor material and but inspiratory dirt.

To be on guard the bacterial harrass in the floor our body, in the use process of wooden floor, should notice to maintain good floor. The floor that standing by the balcony, window should avoid to insolate, thick curtain had better be pulled when sunshine is intense; Next, avoid moisture, avoid by all means is wiped directly with wet mop, have water when food of other perhaps liquid state is aspersed on the floor, want to be wiped in time, prevent overmuch moisture to permeate the layer in wooden floor, cause mildewy, decay, should use woodiness floor board special cleaner undertakes cleanness, prevent a floor weather-shack. Cleanness is the important step that ensures bedroom environment health, below the situation that has produced gap in the floor, ying Qin is cleaned, in case dirty thing collects. When clean floor, emphasize the dirt that draws craze position with cleaner and sundry, if keep the dirt that accumulate cannot epispastic, or it is the corner place that clears not easily, can dip in with little brush floor cleanness antiseptic undertakes scrub, also can pour floor cleanness antiseptic on dishcloth to wipe directly.

What the installation means of wooden floor tradition uses is keel law, layer of a built on stilts exists between floor and floor, the liquid such as the beverage below the ooze when the moisture peace in keel, milk cannot volatilize, cause bacterium and insect pest easily. And new-style viscose installation law and law of metallic keel installation, can avoid wooden keel to install the malady of means, viscose law is the floor gum that uses environmental protection the floor direct sticky go up in cement floor, can eliminate dirt retention hides the likelihood below the floor the space of bug. But avoid by all means secures earthworm bone with cement, lest floor be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape.

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