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Date & time Oct 13 '17
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Photo Shop and photo editing

Digital skills with your camera and a working knowledge of Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements) is a "no excuses" necessity for today artists and makers. Quality photographic images are a must for every artist and maker. There is a lot of information to help you on the Internet. At the same time, the Internet offers tremendous opportunity for visibility. It seems to me there is no room for excuses either way.

Even if you have your work professionally photographed, there are always occasions when shooting your own photos is still a necessity. Every year, I spend a week to 10 days at the end of the year, learning new digital skills and working on my web site. You can also watch video tutorials on Flickr, Google+ and more.

Stay tuned. as I start my annual digital learning marathon for the next two weeks, I will offer quick tips that readers of ASK can use to improve their images and web site.

Submit your questions in advance.

Bring images of your work. Let look at your web site.

Is your work consistent with your professional goals?

Photographing shiny or reflective objects and paintings often results in glare and highlights that may wash out detail cartier pendant price replica or color. This is a frequent problem for metals, ceramics and glass, even paintings with glossy paint.

The previous post on ASK used Photoshop Mask tool and the Brush tool to remove glare. If you didn know how to use these tools (like me), this post will help you learn a new Photoshop skill.

In today post, professional photographer Philip Cohen will show us how to use Photoshop to remedy this problem. I have added many details for step by cartier pendant price fake step instructions after practicing the skill for myself.

Image 1.

In the photographic image above a square plate by Malcolm Nicoll shows a glare spot regardless of where Philip Cohen places the light.

Look closely at the glare in the lower left corner. While the glass plate looks shiny, this is not a good photo!

Image 2.

The first step in eliminating the excessive glare cartier pendant love imitation problem is shooting two images; cartier chain for men fake first one image with the light in one location, and the second image after moving the light to get the spot of glare in a different location.

Since you want both of these images to match perfectly, do not move the camera or the object/artwork being photographed. Move only the light.
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