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Date & time Oct 13 '17
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PVC Fishing Rod Holder

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a fishing rod holder from some materials you probably already have lying around. Also, I hate to turn this into a sermon, but I am extremely disappointed with Instructables for introducing "Pro" accounts. If you cannot view all the steps at one time and/or can't view the PDF, send me a private message with your email address and I'll send a PDF to you (If you think I'm being unfair, consider Wikipedia, who raised God knows how much money by just asking for donations. Lastly the pictures in this Instructable were taken with a cell phone. Forgive me for their poor quality.

To make the rdo holder, you will need:Materials: About 5 feet of PVC pipe. I cartier love screw bracelet fake used 1 1/2 in. pipe, but you can use whatever fits your rods. Various wood scraps. A few 2 x 4's should do it. Some screws. I used 3 in. drywall screws, but once copy cartier love screw bracelet again, use whatever you have. Some nails.

Screw the supports to the main piece, or nail them if you're still lazy. I forgot to take a picture of this, so here's a SketchUp model cartier gold bracelet with screws fake of what you're going for:

Step 5: Saw II

Cut the PVC into lengths cartier 18k love bracelet that will hold your rods. Cut as many as you have rods, wish you had, fit onto the main piece, etc. I cut eight. Again, there's no picture. Sorry.

Step 6: Drill: Part Deux

Drill two pilot holes into each length of PVC, and into the main piece.

Step 7: Screw Again

Screw the pieces of PVC to the main piece of wood. You're done!

You can make great rod holders and sand spikes from pvc, my brothers made them for the front of his truck, inside his boat and attached to a crate he pulls in a wagon for shore fishing, we even attached them to the back of bikes when we were younger using hose clamps. Adding a slot at the top for the reel to slide into makes them a little more secure and prevents the rod and reel from spinning. To make a sand spike (for beach fishing) take a 3 section of pvc at one end cut an angle about 5" long, to use, twist it into the ground about a foot.
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