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Date & time Oct 13 '17
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Unsociable footy the key to Greater Western Sydney's success

For Greene and his GWS teammates it's all about finding the right balance, because great sides can often be built on unsociable football. Look no further than Hawthorn over recent years, with the likes of Luke Hodge and Jordan Lewis regularly walking a fine line and sometimes crossing it.

Their bulgari knock off gold necklace brand was built on physicality, particularly in the first quarters of grand finals when they regularly bullied their opponents into submission.

Jarryd Roughead's bone crunching tackle on Dan Hannebery in the 2014 decider is a case in point. It set the tone for the entire afternoon and shows how you can still make a statement within the rules of the modern game.

Most importantly it says to the rest of the competition: "You know what? We're not afraid to hurt you if you put yourself in a certain position. We'll push the boundaries and cop our whacks."

It's really no different to the opposition knowing the general strengths and weaknesses of any given side. A team might have a good forward line or a good back line, or it might simply be a case of knowing that team won't hesitate to exert as much physical force as possible.

Nowadays, young kids can come into the game and dominate from their first year bvlgari necklaces and pendants replica because the intimidation factor is not what it once was, both physically and mentally. Once upon a time you could tell a young player he was going to get hurt and those words could be quickly backed up, if required.

Thankfully, the AFL has since been cleaned up, but while the art of intimidation might have changed, it hasn't been lost altogether. Our game still presents many opportunities to get physical with your opponent, whether it be in a marking contest or at a stoppage.

When you play the Dogs, for instance, you know it's going to be a hard game of contested footy, where you need to earn every kick you get. When Luke Beveridge's men are at their best you need to fight for the full 120 minutes to come away with a victory. Last week the Giants did exactly that.

Shane Mumford is a great example of the modern day intimidator and not just because of his tackle on Tom Liberatore. He brings that physicality nearly every week. Right now, there's no doubt he's the most aggressive ruckman in the league. Mumford is not a possession juggernaut by any stretch of the imagination, but he makes those around him stand taller simply by his presence. You can't put a value on what he creates for the likes of Dylan Shiel and Josh Kelly in the Giants midfield.

If he [Greene] plays his best footy on the edge he should continue to do so, albeit without the type of incident we saw last Friday night.

Even in today's game presence is a very real thing. Cyril Rioli has it. At his best, he can tear a game part with just 12 possessions given what he does when he doesn't have the footy. Marcus Bontempelli's presence might not be particularly physical either, but already we generally know he'll step up when it matters most.

Joel Selwood is another player who lifts his team in the big moments. When he was kept quiet by Collingwood's Levi Greenwood it was debilitating for the Cats, such is his usual impact.

Having said all that, you can't fake presence or bravado. Footballers (and supporters) will quickly see right through it. It's easy fake bvlgari necklace men to work out who's hard at it, or who is a pretender. But because that element of our game can't be manufactured, it also explains why it is so crucial to success.

I'd bulgari gold necklace replica argue GWS, as we've seen with Hawthorn, have a number of guys who are prepared to back up their physical presence with an attack on the footy. In turn, they command a certain level of respect. That is what reputations are built on and if that's a part of your make up you should use it to your advantage.

Still, there's no doubt the most important aspect of the game is keeping your eye on the ball. While there's been plenty of controversy around the umpires telling Greene they've been watching him in recent weeks, that's all part of walking the fine line. Last year Steve Johnson and even Jeremy Cameron overstepped that same line.

Some will argue Greene's strike on Daniel proves he's easily put off his game and will digress again, but given the way he responded against the Dogs, I disagree. Following his report he was almost best on ground. If he plays his best footy on the edge he should continue to do so, albeit without the type of incident we saw last Friday night.

The challenge now is to be aggressive the right way, because ultimately it's that aggression that could prove to be the Giants greatest weapon in their quest for the club's maiden premiership.

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