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thousands of 34th Congressional District voters copy bvlgari bracelet leather had already cast ballots

This is Essential Politics, our daily look at California political and government news.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more, or subscribe to our free daily newsletter and the California Politics Podcast. As polls opened, thousands of 34th Congressional District voters had already cast ballots Christine Mai Duc

(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Before polls opened this morning, thousands of voters had already cast ballotsin the primary election for the 34th Congressional Districtseat.

As of Monday evening, 17,458 voters, or about 5.7% of registered voters in the district, had submitted mail in ballots. That's slightly higher than the 16,178 voters in thedistrict who had submitted ballots the day before the March 7 city election.

Predictions for turnout in the race range from as low as 9% to as high as 21%, closer to the Los Angeles city imitation bvlgari silver bracelet races last month.

Of those who had already voted in the race to replace Xavier Becerra in Congress, 12% were Republicans, 60% were Democrats and about 27% had no party preference, according to Political Data. People 55 years or older made up 60% of early voters.

Latinos, who make up about half of the district's registered voters and represent a majority of candidates in the field, had sent in just 28% of the mail in ballots cast as of Monday, while Asian Americans, who are just 16% of registered voters, made up 35% of the early vote. Korean Americans, in particular, replica bvlgari mens bracelet price were outperforming in early returns: They make up just 6% of voters in the district but had cast 35% of ballots as of Monday.

Not among those voters are at least four of the candidates who don't live in the district. Aerospace engineer Tracy replica bulgari bracelet price Van Houten lives in Pasadena; Tenaya Wallace, a strategist for public education campaigns, lives in Silver Lake; attorney Richard Sullivan resides in West Los Angeles; and Mark Edward Padilla lives in Montebello.

Federal law does not require members of Congress to live within the districts they represent, but none of them will be able to cast ballots for themselves in the crowded race.

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