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Date & time Sep 30 '17
Creator PKKOO5

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The great royal wedding quiz

21. At one point before the ceremony the BBC's Huw Edwards remarked that someone was "making sure everything is unsoiled and undamaged". Who was doing what?

a Prince Charles checked the wedding car boot after his run to the nursery on Thursday

Your anti monarchy comrades threw an anti royal wedding party on Friday that finished at 11 copy cartier love ring pink gold minutes to five precisely or 1649, get it? But Black Friday was no occasion for even the blackest of humour. So you packed yourself on a ferry to France (Vive la Rpublique!). Frenchie knew what to do with a bloody aristo! Anyway, Ireland's not so good for a booze cruise .

The Penny Pincher (11 cartier fake love diamond ring 20 points)

Incandescent! That's what you are incandescent! That your hard earned tax pounds down the gullets cartier love ring pink gold knock off of a load of scrounging hoorays as the cartier replica love ring for men country goes to the wall. Over the years you've restricted your profound antipathy towards "the bloody royals" to throwing a slipper at the telly the odd time "Prince" Andrew's over privileged, under shot mug pops up on it. But Friday's multimillion pound knees up was the last straw. All in this together? Not bleedin' likely.

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