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Date & time Sep 29 '17
Creator PKKOO5

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Turning purple

Sarah's ongoing efforts to support Ryan has seen her school's recognition of Purple Day an annual and worldwide event dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy grow in leaps and bounds.

Sarah's dedication helped see Swan Hill Primary School awash with shades of violet Purple Day, as scores of parents, students and teachers donated to the cause.

While the Grade 4 student said she hoped next year's Purple Day would be even bigger, Sarah said the size and scope of the cheapest cartier bracelet copy event wasn't her primary concern.

"It just feels really good to be helping my brother Ryan," she said.

Like many children with Dravet cartier cheap bracelet replica Syndrome, as Ryan gets older his copy cheapest cartier bracelet IQ and mental capacity decline, and two years ago he was officially diagnosed as intellectually disabled.

Joanna Hulland, Ryan and Sarah's mother, said her son's seizures were ongoing.

"Some seizures are mild, where he will firstly hallucinate, then start screaming and slowly lose consciousness with a very mild shaking and jerking," she said.

"Others are quite violent with no warning, where he'll go flying backwards with a violent tonic clonic seizure fake cartier cheap bracelet where Ryan ceases breathing for a minute or two."

Ms Hulland said technology designed to assist people with epilepsy was already being financed by community donations, including a device that detects a person's likelihood of having a seizure each day.
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