Protecting Yourself With Pepper Spray For Beginners


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Pepper spray gained notoriety as a defense against bear attacks in Canada. It is a non lethal way of protecting oneself from a large aggressor. The United Postal Service was immediately interested in OC pepper spray as a way to protect their workers against vicious dog bites and in the 1980’s police forces across America began using pepper spray to subdue dangerous and violent suspects rather than using lethal means of Error 4614 force.

Over the past few decades, with the increase in violent crimes, pepper spray has become a legal, safe and effective self-defense option in all but a few states. While chemical based mace requires a class be given, pepper spray does not require any training by law.

Pepper spray that is sold for personal protection is a combination of all natural chili peppers and oil. This active ingredient causes an immediate reaction within the mucus membranes and the eye capillaries causing instant and debilitating reaction in your attacker.

Pepper spray will cause temporary difficulty breathing, choking, and a burning sensation to the eyes, throat, nose and skin. It will also cause a temporary visual impairment and extreme nausea. These effects last for approximately ten to forty five minutes and have no long term symptoms. This gives a person enough time to flee from the situation or get help while the attacker is recovering.

To use most pepper sprays marketed for personal protection you must simply aim and spray. There is also no special training required and it is a completely safe and legal, economical way to protect yourself against animal or human attacker.

There are many pepper spray products available in sizes as small as a Hire Online Copywriters For Establishing Your Brand ring or lipstick shaped container to a much larger can. Size and health do not make any difference in the effectiveness of pepper sprays so it is a good defense to anyone that is a threat. It is known, however, to have had a more harmful reaction from individuals suffering from previous respiratory problems such as asthma.

Tips on Using Pepper Spray

• Always read the manufacturer’s instructions that accompany the pepper spray.

• It is a good idea while reading through the instructions to remove the pepper spray canister from its packaging and visualize the positions discussed in the instructional information.

• Ensure you locate the safety on the canister.

• Identify the type of canister (whether it is a flip top or a twist and lock design). You Shimano Compre Series: Shimano Rods Perfect For Saltwater Fishing need to be familiar with your unit to feel comfortable using it in the case of an actual emergency.

• Practice your draw and aim. Each type of canister is different to handle and you do not want to be fumbling with it or to accidentally spray yourself when you do need to use it.

• A twist top canister will require you to twist and aim at the same time while a flip top will be aimed while placing your thumb under the top unto the trigger.

• Aim the canister using the hand you write with, throwing your other hand into a defensive position over your head. This will draw the attention of your attacker to the hand that is empty while you are able to Fondue Tested recipes -- Know More Regarding it spray them from the other one.

• Use the element Registry Tidy of surprise. An attacker will not be able to react quick enough to shield their eyes or face NFL Season Predictions Part 3: NFC South if they do not see it coming.

• The most effective way to spray you OC pepper spray is to wrap your hand around the Bsoft.exe canister and squeeze down on the trigger with your thumb or finger. This will help keep the canister directly aimed. You do not want the nozzle turning under the pressure of your thumb and not hitting your target.

• It is important to practice a home drill so that you feel confident using your spray to protect 2010 Horoscopes - Get Free Weekly Horoscopes For All Zodiac Signs And Calendars - 2010 yourself when needed.

*Get an extra can of spray that you can use to get comfortable in executing its use.

* Find a safe and isolated area to practice defending yourself in an attack by having a tree, shrub or side of a building as your target. This will help you know Ctregrun.exe what pressure is needed, how to react quickly and confidently and you will see firsthand how the spray is discharged.

*Be mindful not to spray yourself or to walk into the path of the spray immediately after using it. You may feel the effects of the OC if you do not let it dissipate.

* Also watch that you do not use too much force on the trigger until you see how it discharges.

*Take notice of the stream path and let yourself take comfort in knowing how pepper spray can be used as an effective means of self protection

• A smart tactic when defending yourself 227blogmix is to “spray and move, spray and move”. Practice and analyze the spray pattern and become confident with aiming while under stress, from different angles.

Pepper spray is a popular and non lethal option to protecting yourself. You need no special skills to use it Error Log Analysis and it works on attackers of any size. Bill Valentine, PhD, (Psych), 5th Degree Black Belt. Realizing the difficulty in teaching martial arts as a form of self defense, he began to apply practical skills that were easy to learn when confronted with physical encounters.

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