45 Seconds: Back to basics for the Kansas City Chiefs


Date & time Sep 12
Los Angeles, CA
Creator Easley

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Slim pickings this week. Yeesh.Normally it a pretty tough choice for what I choose to write about in 45 seconds David Wells Jersey. I can typically find three to five plays that get me excited to write. I don think it just a win loss thing . That just wasn fun football to watch on Sunday.The downside of this gig is that I have to watch that game multiple times. Round two was just as painful. Although I did take one thing away from the second viewing The Steelers’ defensive game plan was excellent. Specifically the blitz package they unleashed.They were creative. They had a good feel for the protections they were going to see and ran blitzes that were designed to compromise them. And they picked spots to challenge Alex Smith. Overloads front and backside, corners, safeties, zone blitzes. The downside was they opened themselves up to a few coverage busts, which Smith wasn able to exploit. That not a familiar story at all. Sorry, Il stop with that.The Steelers’ defensive game plan was excellent. Specifically the blitz package they unleashed.The Chiefs control games by getting teams to process and worry about what is happening pre- and post-snap. They aren playing with blistering tempo. Theye moving their chess pieces around to get teams to adjust, to think. That style creates a rhythm. Once Andy Reid gets into that rhythm, it as fun to watch as any offense in the NFL. That usual rhythm was significantly disrupted early, and it snowballed from there. The Steelers got more opportunities to pin their ears back, pursue Smith and control the game. They were able to be the aggressor.Because of that, the Steelers forced the Chiefs to rely on basics. One of their best plays of the day came from a basic concept.Simple four verticals concept out of a 3x1 formation. The free safety can't be right Derrick Thomas Jersey. Good throw from Smith.

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