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That addition Fallout 76 Weapons has some fans up in arms that developer Bethesda has broken a promise to keep so-called"pay-to-win" parts from the premium game. Since Bethesda's Pete Hines advised Gamespot last October [emphasis added]:In case you don't want to spend money in the Atomic Shop for decorative stuff, you do not have to. We give you a shitload of Atoms just for enjoying with the game. Folks looking to spend money on whatever the hell it's because they don't have enough Atoms, they could, but it's not,"I am better playing against other players since I spent cash." It's not pay-to-win. And it isn't loot crates.

In essence, the Kits only offer you a shortcut to the same sort of repairs gamers can perform with scrounged crafting materials. Still, players eager to cover for Repair Kits may possess much a easier time maintaining their arsenals against other players that only search to their materials.

"That is my No.1 rant around GTA V online, and that I really would like to see Fallout 76 fall the exact same way," wrote one Resetera user. "Just how long before firearms break easily before you get to the next repair station... or discovering the stuff makes a whole lot harder?"

"But I really don't need them in the Atomic Shop since I view it as a slippery slope, where Bethesda says,'Well they didn't head repair kits, why not market gun upgrades?' "Bethesda agents have to react to a request for comment in Ars Technica. However, the company did compose in its announcement article that"we plan to make alterations based on your comments, so we hope you'll share your ideas together whenever they go live later this month."

Fallout 76's Patch 8, which attracts a chunk of material that is part of the Wild Appalachia growth, is out today. The Sheepsquatch is a West Virginia legend, and we can likely expect him to be as rude as the other beasties drifting Appalachia.The Lying Lowe questline could be started by finding and reading a"Sheepsquatch Ate My Brother" poster, that is situated in train stations around Appalachia or at Lewisburg. The poster may also be claimed for free in the Shop until May 7, and Fallout 76 Items the posters can be put by players in their CAMP, which may also be used to begin the quest.

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