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Queen Linyi was murdered

Early morning of June 15, 1920, a farmer in Xujiahui, Shanghai, found a stylishly dressed female corpse in her own wheat field. Confirmed, the woman corpse was actually elected three years ago as 'Queen of Hua' prostitutes Wang Liangying. It was said that when Wang Liangying came to power in a men's clothing, he sang a soul-stirring 'Xiaoyaojin,' ranking the fourth 'New World Qunfang Election' in 1917 and was 'elected as the country leader' (the first name was spent The president of the country, the second third is Huaguo Vice President). Wang Liangying on this popular beach resort on the beach, a 'flower world of Reds.' In order to attract more high-end customers, Wang Lian-Ying often wore high-end clothing, wore expensive jewelry wreaked the brunt of the victim Wang Liangying and the murderer Yan Rui-sheng concession detective visits learned that Wang Liangying on June 9, 1920 and a client traveling by car No. 1240, Never back. According to the license plate number, his and hers love bracelets replica the detective quickly rushed to find the No. 1240 license plate owner Zhu Zhuzhao, Shanghai business tycoon's fifth son, Zhu Zhaoshao. After interrogation, Zhu Zhaoxiu said the car was borrowed the same night, and borrow this person, it is the mastermind of the murder Yan Ruisheng published during the replica the cartier love bracelet Republic of China 'Lian Ying Miserable'

Yan Ruisheng into the Aurora University at the age of 16 (1952 national faculty adjustment, Aurora University departments were merged with the relevant love bracelets for couples fake universities in Shanghai), Zhu Zhaoxiu college students. Yan Ruisheng quite trendy, eternity bracelet cartier it is said that he loves watching movies, but also like to enter the scene, in addition to a big hobby - gambling. Yan Ruisheng fled defeat and desperation, so I thought of just met Wang Lian Ying. To this end, he first borrowed a car from Zhu Zhaoshao, and then pretended to invite Wang Lian-ying to 'go for a ride' in order to commit the murder. Wang Lian-ying, the novel 'Lian Ying', published in the 'Shenbao' on July 2, 1922, Suspected to follow Yan Ruisheng on the car. At this time, there are two companions Yan Ruisheng Wu Chunfang and Fang Rishan. 3 people stole a pair of diamond bracelets, two diamond ring, a diamond brooch and a gold watch, the rope will be Wang Lian Ying strangled. Yan Ruisheng was sentenced to death after being put on record The second year after the case was brought to justice, the story was put on screen and named after the murder master. The movie 'Yan Ruisheng' became China's first minister film.
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