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Date & time Dec 30 '17
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Jiangxi women bracelets for the first time facing the media cat's eye

Because of friends shooting two cruise ships and video at the entrance of the mahogany shop, the outside world are crazy smashed the '300,000' bracelet Ms. Fei 'escaped' since June 27 missed smashing '300,000' emerald So far, Fei Jianqin experienced a mixed experience. She met many good-hearted people but was also considered a 'runner.' She was pointed and 'she was very thin and had lost her weight from 48 to 45 kg in two weeks. When she came out, she cut short hair and stained it into a seemingly young purple. While accepting an interview with Red Star News, she cried while laughed for a while. 'I did not flee or lose contact, except when I was flying back to Jiangxi I have not shut down from start to finish. 'At noon on the 11th, in a unit office of Ruili, Fei Jianqin told Red Star News and returned to Ruili once again, that is, her proof of reality. Fei Jianqin accepts Red Star news interview and goes to Ruili non-planning non-speculation

'A tentative decision to travel'

Red Star News: This is not a 'premeditated' trip?

Fei Jianqin: I have a friend, with my eternal love bracelet replica relatives, usually like relatives move around intimate, often eat each other please. Her family business, economic conditions better than me. Originally, my family was rich in Yiyang County of Shangrao. However, since my husband accident happened, the family life has been getting worse. I have had a hard time over the years. From the end of this year till now, I have been in a slump. I am going to want to go, but the key is how to go. She said you really want to go, she helped me out for money to buy tickets Later, some people suspect that the '300,000' bracelet broke the event is speculation Red Star News: speculation you reported the 'low-cost group' into the 'mandatory shopping Shop 'Fei Jian Qin: We are free exercise, from the same county. We have a group of six people, with the exception of me, there are two other couples, and a CEO friend. We originally planned to go to Thailand to play and have prepared the passport. However, this manager said that he wanted to come to Ruili to do something, so he decided to leave the Yunnan border to Thailand and we went to Ruili on the 24th. However, on the 25th, this CEO friend Diabetes attacks lead to blindness, the temporary decision to go to Shanghai for treatment. The rest of us, including Xiao Jiang, son of an acquaintance who came to Ruili from Chengdu on the same day, took a drive to Tengchong for a day and went back to Ruili on the 26th to run out of business with all the veterans and the need to take care of my family Old mother, then there are still thoughts to play? So I put forward love bracelet screwdriver replica to go back to Jiangxi, told them to help me set the return flight on the 28th, but the day's ticket is not set, only set to the 29th ticket Red Star News: How to choose to go to the sister jade?

Fei Jian Qin: a friend of my home know I want to go back, asked me to help him bring him a few thousand dollars of jade bracelets, because of the day there is still free on the 27th, I promised to help him to the jade market take a look at the 26th night, I asked the hotel receptionist Ruili which well-known jade market, this time over two live in the same hotel in Zhejiang, they said, just the next day to go to visit the jade market. I said I do not understand jade, they say they understand, but also bargain, so we make an appointment the next morning at 8:00 in the hall. The next day we gathered in the hall together to fight the sister told Yucheng talk about the hand lost Jade was surrounded by

'I was really scared

Red Star News: '300,000' bracelet is how broken?

Fei Jian Qin: Jade City, we initially together, and later on the various shopping. I bought two or three hundred jade, and later came to the Lin Jade shop. There were two waiters on the counter, one waiter in the shop, the other talk to other customers. These bracelets are not priced, I saw one of the bracelets is very beautiful, the waiter raised his head, I have put that bracelet worn on the hands. I asked her how much she said 300,000. I thought that at such a high price, there would be no room for bargaining anymore. On the one hand, I dragged the bracelet down and said that it was too expensive for me to bid for it. My friend's wrist was slightly bigger than me. When I tried on the bracelet , Specifically looking for those large size, so this bracelet to wear and love bracelet with screwdriver fake take off are very easy. It rained that morning, and I took an umbrella, carrying a wallet in my hand, and did not think of it. The bracelet fell on the table and then dropped onto the floor and fell into two pieces. Later, they told me that I went out too early, when they were still sleeping around the people around one after another, onlookers, a variety of arguments more and more, are saying that this bracelet more expensive, how carelessly broken Oh, wait, my pressure is getting bigger and bigger. At this time, two Zhejiang people came here too. I asked them how much they really needed and they said how much money you can afford. I said I really do not understand this industry, waiting for my friend to reconcile me alone, in a strange environment, worried about violence, anxious and sad, we talked about, I not only afraid, but also Landless. I said to the boss, let me lie down. I have the habit of not eating breakfast, but no hypoglycemia and copy cartier love bracelet new other diseases, I do not know how it happened, get down on the shock passed, this is my first faint in my life. Later, I felt someone pinched me, a kindly sister gave me scraping, Lin's emerald boss kept asking me if anything, I slowly wake up.
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