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Tight hand overnight stolen multiple site dormitory

Recently, the site of Nanjing Taiping North Road site dormitory frequently stolen. Nanjing Xuanyu police involved in the investigation after the suspects were arrested, a 40-year-old uncle, the reason for his theft surprise. Originally, uncle is a homosexual, he 'nurtured' two 'small fresh meat', the money is not enough flowers, they started doing theft of the hook Not long ago, Nanjing Xuanwu Public Security Bureau Meiyuan Village Police Service Station received Several workers at the site of the police, said the theft. They all reported that they lived in a construction quarters and took the worn-out jewels the night before to sleep under the pillows, but woke up the next morning to find out that the cash and jewelery under the pillows were missing . A policeman told the police: 'It is quite possible that the door was not locked at night and was looted by thieves.' Cash, bracelets and necklaces stolen by the thief, the total value of more than 2,000 yuan Modern Express reporter learned that the police found through monitoring, the suspect left the site here, all the way from north to south, the site along the road One by one into the times. After inspecting each of these sites one by one, the police found that stolen property how much is a cartier bracelet cases have also occurred in cartier new love bracelet replica construction workers' dormitories. The stolen property has cash, love bracelet screwdriver fake mobile phones and some gold and silver jewelery, and the value involved is a few thousand dollars. 'This series of cases is likely to be the same person.' Civil Judgment by investigation visit, the police find out the suspects foothold, and captured by squatting. In the suspects, the police seized two gold necklaces on the spot, found in their homes stolen cell phones, silver bracelets and other items. Faced with conclusive evidence, the suspect confessed his crime After the Express reporter learned that the suspect surname Van, 40 years old this year, has not been fixed occupations. Fan confessed, he knew that construction sites are often temporary dormitory buildings, most of the doors are not locked. And on the site of migrant workers work hard during the day, to sleep because of fatigue at night will be heavy. So every late-night around zero, Fanmou will come to the site, 'every door will open look at there to see there is no valuable things.' Fan said Fanmou police control period, there are two 'Small fresh meat'

Has been sending text messages ask Fanmou, 'Why do not back information.' It turned out that this is Fan motivation for theft. Fanmou frank to the police, he has homosexuality, which is his two 'boyfriend', are just 20-year-old just emerged. In order to support two '

Boyfriend 'basic necessities of life, he began to steal the activities of the present, Fanmou as suspected of theft has been cartier promise bracelet Xuanwu police Xing arrest, the case is still under investigation .Meiyuan Village Police Station Police Dingzu Ren told reporters that the site dormitory is theft On the other hand, there has been a shortage of caretaker staff in site dormitories. People entering and leaving workplaces are also cohabiting and doors are not locked, which is equivalent to giving After the case of the thief took place, the police have contacted the person in charge of the site to urge them to strengthen the man-made defense, physical defense and other measures against the dormitory of migrant workers. They also requested inspections and security efforts on the site to inspect the identities of the personnel entering and exiting the site, Unidentified personnel are not allowed to enter the migrant workers quarters area at the same time, the site responsible person also regularly publicize safety knowledge, enhance awareness of safety and prevention of migrant workers, develop a closed door and window habits, try not to place the dormitory cash and Valuable objects.
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