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Date & time Dec 30 '17
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For Zhang Xiaoyu, jewelry is not just an ornament, it is more able to pin their personal feelings, just as in ancient Europe, their relatives' hair and gold thread braided into the same. Jewelry is a diary can also be treasure chest, from modeling to material, and then to wear, it contains copy cartier 18k gold bracelet a special significance. The same is true of BMW make cars, BMW never think the car is just a means of transport, but more hope that the car can be emotional interconnection with people. Through the forward-looking and innovative technology of interconnection driving, BMW sublimates the car from a cold machine to the Girl series. The fantasy from the image of artificial intelligence bionic girls is influenced by the movie 'Ji Ji', and the whole series of jewelry conveys a sexy, elegant, Mysterious decorative atmosphere, the myth about the limits of people and machines cartier love bangle diamond runs through the jewelry line story line. This series of jewelry using sterling silver and 18K gold and other classic materials, continued especially (YVMIN) in the material exploration on the innovation, the use of color filter optics lens as a design highlight, creating a psychedelic reflective effect, against the skin Around, forming a color gradient of the halo. The wearer seems to become an artificial intelligence person, with the real mysterious 4 Department needs to be presented to everyone's emotions and high-tech derivative precision machinery life aesthetics after Li and Zhang Xiaoyu think for independent designers, this is A good time, do not need to deliberately gold bracelet cartier copy please and cater, do not need to labor to promote themselves, you can always find their own kind. With more and more celebrities such as Zhou Xun, Yang Mi, Liu Wen, Zhou Dongyu, Liu Shih Shi, etc., they have also taken copy cartier love bracelet gold an extra step in selecting more eye-catching products when they attend the event. They have also helped independent designers quickly enter more people's eyes.
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