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Women tourists try to break the price of 300,000 bracelets

June 27, 2017, Jiangxi tourists fee Ms. Ruili in Yunnan broke 300,000 yuan price jade bracelet fainted on the spot after the event triggered a hot outside. After the incident, Ms. Fei and merchants had to Jade City Management Office, sister told the Public Security Bureau Guomao police gold cartier bracelet copy station consultations. Commissioned by the national police station, Ruili Gem Association issued an assessment opinion, that the broken bracelet market value of 180,000 yuan. For the result of 180,000 yuan, Ms Feifei did not recognize that he can only pay 30,000 yuan. At present, the two sides decided to take judicial proceedings to solve the problem how to determine the value of jade bracelets?

The value of jade bracelets can not be based solely on the price of merchants to compensate. Feng Junlong, secretary general of Yunnan Consumer Association, said the value of jade bracelets should be assessed by a third-party assessment body that is cartier bracelet gold fake nationally accredited, qualified and recognized by both parties. However, there is currently no statutory standard for cartier 10 diamond love bracelet the detailed pricing of each category of Emerald. Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision and Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Forensic officials said the relevant departments are only responsible for the identification of the quality of jade jewelry, such as jade can be cartier 18k gold bracelet copy divided into A cargo, B cargo, C cargo, but not on the valuation of jade was Broken jade bracelets should be how to pay?

Asked France Network invited Beijing Guo Tao Li Keke, director of lawyers said that under the 'Property Law' and 'Torts Law,' the provisions of tourists Miss Fei accidentally smashed bracelets, infringed on the commercial interests of businesses should bear the liability for compensation. However, Article 26 of the Law of Tort Liability also stipulates that the infringer may also make a mistake in the occurrence of the damage and may reduce the responsibility of the infringer. In the sale of expensive fragile items, businesses should adopt the appropriate insurance protection measures, such as in the sale of expensive fragile items should be carpeted, to ensure that valuables fell to the ground is not easy to break, businesses have to prompt consumers how to get Take how to place, in this case, businesses in these areas did not do, there is a corresponding fault, you need to assume the corresponding responsibility Consumer cases such cases generally how to deal with?

Li Zaike lawyer said, first of all, after a dispute, consumers should, as the case may be negotiated with the merchants. Consultative fails, such as merchants of the compensation price exceeds the retail price, or know the goods can be repaired but requested full price compensation and other unreasonable demands, consumers can complain to the Consumers Association. If both parties can not reach a settlement, they can go to court for prosecution and take judicial measures to solve the problem. Li Zike counsel particularly reminded that after such incidents, consumers should remain calm, contact the authority to assess the price at the same time, we must pay attention to whether the business errors, and retain the relevant evidence in order to safeguard their legitimate rights.
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