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Manzhouli Travel Guide Ctrip Raiders

On the vast Hulunbeier prairie, the rivers of copy cartier pink gold love bracelet the Mojingra river raise Mongoloid men who dance with the wolves who hate wolves - wolves are the enemies infringing upon their homeland; they also revere the wolf prairie wolf to help the Mongol herder hunt Killing grasslands can not be too much to carry herbivores: yellow sheep, rabbits and large and small Prairie rats. Steppe wolf is the primitive totem of the Mongolian nation. Wolf aggressiveness, cruelty, wisdom and teamwork, the Wolf's military capabilities and organizational division of labor, wolves tactics used to be 13th-century Mongolian army expedition to the Eurasian continent's natural instructors and evolution of the engine back from travel to today, playing in Hulun Buir that Crazy heart is still difficult to calm. Let's share with you some hope for the help of people planning to go to Hulunbuir. The six days are merely fingertips in the long life, but the forest, the grasslands, the rivers we have seen, the villages we visited, and the laughter and craziness we have experienced in these six days have all become full Precious memories of life Once upon a time, children of other families have gone on a journey that they say goes away, and a group of children who once envied others have been able to go to the wild at the best of their lives. Today, in the vast grasslands of Mongolia, the long Xinganling forest playing that person has finally become their own fortunate enough to feel the best in life in the most beautiful scenery, this trip really really Hulun Hulu mess!

Travel expenses

Our journey and spending must be the most concerned about every part of the travel agency to me to develop a more comprehensive routine Northern Link itinerary. However, attractions and experiences to play are relatively limited, cartier gold bracelet fake so I chose the travel agency recommended the 'Wolf Totem' feature line, when it comes to here we are not associated with the movie 'Wolf Totem'? (^ __ ^) Hey, I started to think so, but unlike the movie, the movie was shot in the Midwest of Inner Mongolia. In the travel agency patience and enthusiasm to explain, understand this line, this line overlooking the panorama of grassland Oh, you can also stay in the riverside caravan, do not have a flavor. Due to the slight changes in the plan and the final itinerary, it is suggested that the final cost per trip is about 6,000 yuan (including accommodation, which is the kind of independent bathroom, but if you stay prairie yurts is the original ecological experience of nomadic peoples Life) D1 Qingdao Hailar SC4610 (midway Changchun transit) - Golden Horde tribe - Mojangele River - pastoral people - RV base accommodation RV camp

D2 RV base - Erguna City - River Wetlands - Aoluguya - Root River accommodation Root River

D3 Root River - Moore Road Ga - Linjiang - Wei Wei room accommodation Wei (features woodcut Leng Accommodation)

Room D4 Wei - en and - birch forest - Hongji assassination Prairie accommodation Hongji assassination (prairie steppe yurts)

D5 Hongji assassination Prairie - Montenegro - Hulun - Manzhouli accommodation Manzhouli

D6 Manzhouli - Dajue Temple - Hailar Qingdao SC4609 (mid-way Changchun transfer) stay at home Warm bed before everyone travel arrangements made if it is based on travel, then there will be no major problems, most will not appear on the route Mishap, the best route to confirm and chartered master in advance to confirm the master over the other side of the road and the actual situation, happily go play, happily back home. Oh, right! Strongly recommend a driver master, Xiao Wu master; Mongolian young man but speak fluent Mandarin, handsome and humorous, easy-going people on the road, it will sing well, superb! \\ () / Car is also equipped with motion sickness Oh, very humane. Want to go to play ALICE can contact him, in short, like him if there is a chance to go to Hulunbeir will find him before the trip

In fact, nothing needs to be prepared. I think I'll take you with you to bring money, O (_) O haha ​​joking, or to prepare something simple (such as cameras, charging treasure, mosquito bites drugs, sunglasses, Snacks, etc.). Travel agents also have gift mosquito bracelets and sun protection suits, I personally move more mosquitoes, mosquito bracelets feel less effective, hey o () o

In some places the road conditions in general, more bumpy city models recommended for cross-country or business sitting comfortable. Chartered travel, the importance of the driver master Needless to say. A good driver master can take you to see the best scenery, to help you find the most suitable place for photography, for you to contact the most affordable restaurant, you can also be a happy brother playing all the way is very lucky, travel agents recommended to us Xiao Wu master is! O (_) O ha ha very professional, familiar lines, it is said that his popularity is very Oh, looking for him to make an appointment in advance. Our chartered fee is 1200 yuan a day, a total of 6 days chartered, Buick Buick is copy cartier love bracelet pink our 7 business, although the price is expensive, but value for money thing, spacious and comfortable seats the first day: GO! GO!

Arrived in Hailar at noon, flying a morning without feeling tired, I have no plane off I could not restrain my excited little heart!

Waiting for the baggage we saw the arrival of the pick-up master Wu, laugh Yingying waved to us far, suddenly raised a warm heart, feel good kind of want to embrace his feeling out of the luggage out of the terminal Xiao Wu master asked us what we want to treat him. (Really passionate) we talked about the prairie of course, is to eat pure lamb myself! But please treat us to please, you just take us to play well. 'Good!' Master Wu driving us to a Mongolian-style restaurant, delicious food at reasonable prices, a meal down and we have good harmony with Master Wu Hulun Lake is the largest lake in Inner Mongolia, China's fifth largest inland lake, China's fourth largest freshwater lake, and Bell Lake as a sister lake. Xiao Wu master talk about the origins of Hulun Lake and Bell Lake, a moving story circulating in the local. A long time ago, the grassland was suddenly hit by wind demon and sand magic. Wherever they go, the gust of wind and the yellow sand shelter the grasslands at stake. Grass-roots people were forced to leave their homeland to look for green land. At this time, the kingdom sent a pair of swans, each named Hulun and Bell, fighting death with the devil and defeating the devil. In order to prevent the recurrence of the tragedy, they decided to bless the grasslands here permanently. Finally, they turned into Hulun Lake and Bell Lake. The vast lake blocks the wind and sand, nourishing the prairie, gave birth to a multi-ethnic culture, the grassland has restored the vitality and vitality of the past want to get a final conclusion, but do not know what to say, can gather from different places Together to start such a beautiful trip itself is fate, in the motherland, a small border town met Wu master is a fate, we can spend the happy couple together in the fake cartier love bracelet pink gold journey a few days is the fate of the fate. A thank you may not express my feelings at this time, but this journey left me a good memory .We have made an appointment, next time you have the opportunity to go to Hulunbeir will find him where to find a forgotten, come Field that walk away!

Go to Hulunbuir, take a look at different scenery, to listen to different voices, smell different flowers, find a different self.
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