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Date & time Dec 30 '17
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Songpan county party secretary

He took us to the place where silverware was sold, said that he was a cooperative in the village, supported by the government, and the price was very low. I bought a silver bracelet, a bowl and a pair of chopsticks. A total of 5430 yuan consumption, back to the mall comparison, the price was only 5 yuan / gram, Tibetan high prices several times. Now we are concerned that the bracelets bought are only heavy-metal silver, which is harmful to our body. Tour guides and so-called Tibetans in Tibet are cartier love bracelet 10 diamonds all cheating tourists. The sadness of being cheated made me feel the shadow of the whole journey and the beauty of Jiuzhaigou Can not make up. The reason why being cheated is for the following reasons: First, the tour guide and Zhaochao Zhuoma speech performance on the cooperation, they repeatedly stressed that they are religious, will not lie. Second, they say that silverware is cheaper because the government supports the handicrafts industry and guarantees the credibility of the government. This undoubtedly increases the credibility. Third, the fraud made use of the cartier love bracelet yellow gold size 16 copy current society's care for health. The whole act is not just cheating on price. I think it is still an act of cheating on the government banner, an insult to local religions and Tibetan medicine, and a serious image of tourism cartier love bracelet pink gold replica in Aba. In addition to reporting on the site, so that more cartier love bracelet pink copy users see, do not be deceived. I will also actively contact, report travel agents and returns. Only hope Aba government can act as soon as possible to stop and punish such fraud, Aba tourism can be standardized long-term! And personally, I hope the government can help me to return the goods and recover the losses. Thank you very much
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