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The seller sold a master key gift training CD

Two men in the online buy used to break the 'master key' hard work toward the CD 'Basic Skills' began to frequent committing the crime in Dalian. Sixth committing the crime, was discovered by the landlord, the police arrived after one of the men Jiang Enbo blocked to the room. Recently, Xigang District Court of First Instance sentenced Jiang Ebo seven years and six months imprisonment and fined 40,000 yuan. Jiang Enbo, 39, is a Heilongjiang native of primary school culture. He was sentenced to four years' imprisonment in Heilongjiang province for theft, but he did not think of repentance after he was released from prison. After coming to Dalian, he met another man, Yu Honguang (who was at large), and they planned to commit the theft. They bought the master key online, and the seller gave away a free 'teaching' disc, which demonstrated in detail the entire process of how to unlock the key. After repeated exercises, they quickly mastered the unlock essentials. October 15, 2007 At about 10 am, Jiang Enbo, together with Yu Guanguang, went to a household in Xiangyuan Street, Xigang District, Dalian. He opened the door with a master key, stealing a golden ring, two cigarettes from China, a Lanzhou brand cigarette. The first shot on the victory, the two happy, so again looking for a family committing the crime. This time they steal a pair of gold bracelets, a pair of gold earrings and cash 330 yuan. Two days later, they committed two more commits. On the afternoon of October 19, 2007, cartier love ring yellow gold knock off when Jiang Enbo and his brother Honggong committed the sixth committing the crime, they were found by their homeowners when they stole a home in Kangzhuang Street, Xigang District. In a timely manner, Yu Honguang escaped , While Jiang Enbo was arrested on the spot by the police. The investigation, Jiang Enbo committing theft committing six crimes, the value of theft of property 34,060 yuan. Recently, Xigang District Court made the first instance verdict. Police: Unauthorized unlocking technology Yesterday afternoon, the reporter logged in to Baidu search, a total of hundreds of information on the sale of 'master key', in many unlocking sites are on sale. Price from 100 yuan per set to 1800 yuan per set range, but also saw a lot of 'real sample.' A dozen different forms of neat tools on the holster, most of the slender body, it is some 'master key' flavor. Reporters from the Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau detachment learned that, in order to regulate the unlocking industry, to avoid disputes and crime caused by unlocking problems occurred two years ago, Dalian began to unify the management of unlocking units and personnel, do not have any qualifications unlocking any units and Individuals may not engage in unlocking services. Public security organs to remind the general public that no unit or individual shall not be allowed to sell unlock tools, books and teach unlocking technology, the public do not seek cheap, blindly looking for 'open lock.' At the same time to learn unlock technology people must also accept the review of the public security department. In addition, both professionals engaged in unlocking work, or non-professionals, as long as the use of illegal means to steal other people's property, the public security departments will crack down. A key link in the principle of a lock Unlock industry for nearly 20 years of professionals told reporters fake cartier love wedding ring that any lock has a lock cylinder, lock and other components, even without the original wife key, you can also use steel, iron, gear and so many tools , The use of common principles of mechanical mechanics, the use of clever to dial lock cylinder so as to achieve non-destructive, no obvious signs of the purpose of opening all kinds of locks. 'Master key' is to imitation cartier love ring wedding band use the above principle to unlock, cartier fake ring diamond but most people do not use this professional unlocking tool without professional training.
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