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Two men without the declaration to bring 60 jade products into the country was cut off

According to reports, at 15 o'clock on the afternoon of July 7, there cartier love ring wedding band knock off was no declaration channel for entry into the border of Gongbei Customs. Customs officers successively seized 15 pieces of suspected jade products and 51 pieces from the carrying bag carried by two tourists. According to the customs regulations, Release of the two equivalent 5,000 yuan worth of objects 5, 4, beyond the part of 57 jade products were detained on the spot. These items include jade bracelets, jade ring and various jade. The two parties claimed to run the jade business, all those jade products that remained after they were sold at the Macau Exhibition. At present, the above two cases have been dealt with according to the law by the customs anti-smuggling department according to relevant regulations. The detained jade products can only be confirmed after being authenticated by the authoritative department. It is understood that due to the cartier replica love ring yellow gold hotline pursuit and the growth of domestic consumption, since the end of last year, the domestic jade market Prices continue to rise, passengers carry irregular jade stones and their products from time to time there. Only since March this year, stationed at Gongbei Port fake cartier love ring wedding band Gate Customs Anti-smuggling Branch has been investigated and dealt with 6 cases involving jade and its products, the original jade cartier love wedding ring replica stone and jewelry, etc. Total over 700 pieces According to the customs regulations, the Customs and Excise Department of passengers carrying a reasonable number of their own Within the value of not more than 5,000 jade crafts to be tax-free release. Passengers entering the country, such as carrying more than a reasonable number of items for personal use, should take the initiative to declare to the Customs. If the jade is also an artifact, the customs shall supervise according to the relevant provisions on the entry and exit of cultural relics.
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