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Legend 3 personal point of view of the package

Common features: 3G out of the current more and more

Prayer Set: This is no dispute now. 3G slightly adjusted a bit more likely to disappear. Many area bracelet 4000W hat 9000W knife 1E. Necklace is still expensive. Almost can not sell a single RMB. A set of about 500 yuan

A set of magic blood: add blood is its only characteristic. The best bracelet, but still sacrifice at least one strong element 1 defense it. Others do not say it. Bring a sacrifice too much. We all know that konjac is better than blood. As the Master coagulation wear is the same sacrifice in exchange for blood thick

Rainbow magic suite: the biggest feature of physical attacks vampire. We note that the physical attack! Do not be deceived when buying Warriors wear five hanging really good day are not flushed. You can sacrifice the same upgrade speed. Put in a lot of assaults. PK vampire ...

King Kong fake van cleef arpels clover necklace package: The characteristic is van cleef & arpels replica necklace to improve the 'burst rate' But the information did not say this. I have only heard of this in the message through the 'pass to wear a set to improve the burst rate,' but GM made it clear that all attributes subject to the light through the data attributes! Really paradoxical Ah! Maybe it was changed before and then changed back. So I have no information to mention 3G mentioned this matter! Otherwise, it should be as clear as prayer. In fact, the original role of King Kong is a small map shows the monster position! Later out of this feature naturally useless

Because of the revision every time there are some rumors appear so afraid to nonsense. Little brother picked articles for everyone to see

1 Prayer Set Now the most controversial suits, after the 3G has changed, do not want to be so perverted, to the relatively good, 1.5 times the attack, not bad, do not go away after death 2 King Kong suit is the biggest change in the package itself The power to put on a set of mages to increase: 13 13 Department of Nature magical increase: 13 13 soul magic warrior increase 15 15 damage, in the defense of konjac various occupations +25, all elements strong 5, really a little sparrow change Phoenix Feeling 5555555 so strong, worthy of the name of King Kong, with a beautiful, hey, my dream

3 magic blood set not only add blood but also metamorphosis, you can completely ignore each other using magic, the attack rebounded to each other, a 50% chance of 4 iris set on the basis of the original plus accurate +8, why add 8 because there are good Hit a good vampire effect, vampire effect is half the attack, 50% chance 5 memory suit this suite no change, or the old, the siege of a good helper legendary 3G some district has not been updated, no change in the package, However, hanbok has changed, the package into the most practical equipment

He said the hanbok has changed. But I have not seen in any one of the authoritative legend 3 website related hanbok updated into such information! Are you the first time? Even if you are now more than a month, but now how other sites have not released a similar message? ? Is it hard for you to be a producer of Wemade? ? ? If you change that game is really subverted! From this set of masters like praying before a while. You take the broken mountain is also a dish! Things will appreciate anyone willing. But please do not copy maliciously!

And pure RMB equipment compared to the rare suit more close to us This is a lot of people (including me) on the package rush. I think everybody is willing to see the reasonable range to replica van cleef necklaces enhance the practicality of the package so that the game will be more balanced

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