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Date & time Nov 24 '17
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Twenty-six provincial-level party old record Dan state mining

The newspaper that big March 9 (Reporter Yi Zongping special correspondent Xie Zhenan correspondent Zhang Lin) has praised the 'real man in my hometown of Hainan,' the great literary world Su Dongpo today can be considered a familiar voice: the National Federation of provincial party newspaper media today in Zhuozhou folk songs, one after another for Zhuozhou praise, for the Hainan International Tourism Island praise. Huanghua pear carved beautiful bracelets, coconut shell hollow goblet, volcanic stone made of sophisticated disc, all to attract people's attention. In the province's largest handicrafts processing village Zhuozhou Gangtang blacksmith village mining, the media people on the blacksmith village's tremendous changes and hand-crafted exquisite praise. In addition to the blacksmith village, 27 journalists from 16 provincial-level party newspapers also paid a special trip to the Pizhou Binhai imitation van cleef diamond ring New Area, Dongpo College, Daocheng Yixin Garden affordable housing and Summer International Commercial Plaza today. According to reports, Zhuozhou City, the implementation of 'one city and two cities' development strategy, Binhai New Area has made great progress, and led to tourism and real estate as the representative of the modern service industry. Under construction, the project of Haihua Island Tourism Complex will create a tourist resort integrating mass entertainment, high-end business exchange and leisure and vacation. We all said that a worthwhile trip. When visiting Dongpo Academy, reporters praised Dongpo poetry and calligraphy. Dongpo lived three years, so that he reached a new height in the art of life, at the same time set off the peak of humanities in Hainan. 'Dongpo calligraphy far look delicate, near look hard-edged', 'drink a holy water Dongpo well, we are more inspired' ... ... a number of media 'pen' who deeply admired the culture of Dongpo. Reporters are very optimistic about the advantages of tourism real estate resources in Danzhou. Huang Zhengchao, chief editor and senior reporter of Jiangxi Daily's 'Property Market', said that Zhuozhou owns the tourism elements fake van cleef engagement ring price of rivers, rivers, lakes, sea, mountains and springs. He suggested further making great articles on the organic docking of regional tourism resources and international tourism islands. Gansu Daily News Agency reporter Jiao Yupeng praised: 'Zhuozhou climate is good, the air is good, is a livable city.' Many people also expressed the purchase in Zhuozhou, Hainan, a family business expectations. Chongqing Daily Chief Editor Li Geng at first glance fell in love with Danzhou, he imitation van cleef arpels ring hoped to be home here, but also ready to publicize more people in Chongqing to Hainan home life, Hainan as the second hometown.

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