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Smell the emerald collection 47 jade bracelet morphological classification

According to the shape of the section of the ring, emerald bracelet ring can be divided into round bars, flat bar, square bar, trapezoid bar and shaped bar five categories.All the history of jade bracelets are almost circular bar. Flat jade bracelets from Hong Kong began bulgari imitation gold pendant three years ago, the rise of the inner flat cylindrical jade bracelets can jade exquisitely carved texture fully demonstrated. As a result of a flat inner surface, with the skin contact area, wear more comfortable. So flat bangles will be accepted by the vast number of consumers, become today's mainstream jade bracelet style. Manufacturers in the cut bracelets will also be due to the material Shi Yi, good species, pale Tsui material made of round bracelets, the effect will be better. A bracelet by the 'circle' and 'circle' two elements. According to the shape of the circle, the circle of the bracelet can be divided into a circle (a perfect circle) and an ellipse (an egg circle). Their inner circle mouth and the outer circle are the same and concentric. Oval also known as the Royal bracelet, according to legend Tang Ming Huang's pet Princess Yang Yuhuan to highlight the noble and distinctive, special jade carved oval jade bracelets for its Royal system, and ordered the world would not imitation, so there will be a Royal bracelet title. In addition, some irregular shape of the outer ring of the bracelet, because Zhuo a pattern, it said the carved bracelet jade bracelet varieties of jade bracelet variety, difficult to subdivide. According to the 'image emerald science' principle can be divided into seven categories:

First, the prime bracelet: Only the earth, no color, flower bracelets called prime bracelets. There are many varieties, such as plain white bracelet that is composed of white earth; prime water bracelet is a kind of good, watery enough, the end of the account transparent colorless flower bracelet; There ice, glass white, Second, floating flower bracelets: mainly refers to the distribution of orchids in a variety of earth bracelets. Such a wide range of bracelets, mainly based on the germplasm to the name of the ground, such as the end of the ice floating orchid glass, glass orchid floating at the end of the waxy end orchid, porcelain orchids and so on. The old kind floating flower bracelets for the top grade, such as glass floating flower bracelets third, color flower bracelets: the end of the account decorated with green bracelets called color flower bracelets. According to the germplasm of the ground can be divided into color flower bracelets, such as ice green flower bracelets and so on. Some areas will be green as 'blue', such as white green bracelets, cyanine bracelets and so on. Kind of good, color is, color and more for the top grade. Ice green bracelets, glass green bracelets are rare, the price is high fourth, Cui bracelet: 莼 color is purple, purple, the higher the price is. Where purple emerald germplasm are not very good, if it can reach the ice purple is the top grade, the whole ice ice thick Yan, then treasures.莼 color and light green at the same time, that is called 莼 ribbon bracelet Fifth, yellow feather bracelet: with yellow and red fog bracelet called yellow feather, red feather bracelet, though more common, but yellow fog, red mist The share of the site but not too much. Germplasm is not high price. Kind of ice yellow, ice red bracelet is relatively rare, its price is high. Yellow, also known as rich color, is the pursuit of many love Tsui. The whole yellow bracelet is rare, its price is high Sixth, three colorful bracelets: red (yellow), green, purple At the same time appear on the bracelet is called a three-color bracelet, meaning Fu, Paul, Shou Sanquan. A good variety of three-color bracelets uncommon, with a collection of the seventh, full of green bracelets: full of green jade bracelets are rare, is a rare kind of good, is the best Cucui, expensive, highly collectible

Round jade bracelets

The earliest bracelet is circular and light-textured, the cross section of the jade bracelet copy b zero1 necklace price is also approximately circular, jargon called round bracelets. This bracelet is beautiful and generous. Of course, there are shortcomings of round bracelets, that is, it consumes more jade raw materials, but also worn on the wrist, because the inner diameter is curved, easy to handle. Round emerald bracelet is generally called 'circular' is the orthodox jade bracelet commonly seen, a symbol of harmony between man and nature, sun and moon Tonghui. Implies a successful life, a mass of harmony. Round jade bracelets suitable for all people, both men and women can wear, non-ferrous are the same. Production requirements, holes are round. Look at the water level, Li read a book, no Alice, no fracture, smooth and mellow. Aperture 46cm, 0.81.2cm wide brimmed jade bracelet

Wide side jade bracelet This is also an ancient style jade bracelet, I am afraid the production of years than the jade wall, jade but also earlier, at least the same period of aristocratic jewelry. Wide side emerald bracelet generous solemn, side width of about 46cm. These jade bracelets were worn by nobility at that time. Etiquette is both a symbol of the status of power. Modern people rarely use jade for imitation, but in its form lengthened, the use of leather, silk and elastic fabric, made of wrist, knee bvlgari bzero necklace price fake and other protective equipment, although there are minor decorative, but the main Or by the sports industry who use the Royal bracelet inner circle Oblate, Outer Oblate, rod from bow to round. There is almost no decoration. Although modern imitation, the number of odd little, and work soft and chaotic, the overall sluggish. Such jade bracelets for the round, phase wrapped around the wire, like rope, but also waves. Hole 45cm, the diameter of 1cm up and down. Nassi emerald bracelet metaphor of love lingering, but they are endless, repeated a rare Yuanyang jade bracelet

This does not refer to the concept of engraving a pair of mandarin ducks on a jadeite bracelet (which belongs to a bracelet), but refers to a bracelet paired flat jadeite bracelet

Flat jade bracelets are generally called 'flat box circular ring', these jade bracelets within the flat flat, within the flat cylindrical two styles. Jade bracelet holes are all round, diameter 3.55cm, flat 0.5cm0.8cm. Morality for the family harmony, access to safe, rich and poor are happy. Currently popular on the market is the flat-biconcave this style, wearing the object is very common, with the distinctive characteristics of the popular and personalized. But if you want to be particular about, must be for their own skin color and hand shape, the hole should be small should not be large, with clothing to coordinate, to be able to set off each other to highlight the decoration of the temperament and charm of children JADE bracelets

Children's jade bracelet bangles in the following 3cm emerald jade bracelets, no matter what style are suitable for children to wear, require kind of water and clean, no noise, clean Shuangqi. 0.3 0.6cm general diameter was too thick to stay, too small was too thin. imitation bvlgari b zero1 necklace price Children wearing jade bracelets a symbol of Jingui, afraid of their loss, please God bless, fast long package gold jade bracelet

Gold jade bracelets, including gold wire, the package mouth, broken, casing and other techniques, jade bracelets broken, broken can be used to repair gold package, gold can be defective jade bracelets to be repaired, so that Its beautiful, retain decoration. Most of these jade bracelets are more valuable or memorable, although rare, but in the future there will still be there. Gold is decorated with a stress, with a jade, symbolic strong, very prominent in the hand.

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