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Female white collar robbery nearly 1 million yuan Jewelry Police visited 3,000 people solve the case

On the 18th of last month, the 'Tianyi Cui' jewelry counter on the first floor of Qingdao Parkson Shopping Center ushered in a 'VIP'. A fashionable woman wearing oversized black sunglasses and a black coat came to the counter and chose two prices Respectively, more than 50 million, more than 30 million jade bracelets try. Just as the saleswoman thought of welcoming big customers, the fashionable woman took out the peppery sprayer from the pocket of his jacket and escaped from the scene after the salesperson burned his eyes and fired the police. The Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau mobilized the Interpol detachment in conjunction with Shinan Public Security Bureau to set up '11.18 The task force, fully engaged in detection work, 12 days in a row, the day before yesterday, 6 pm, the police robbed the suspects in Rongcheng City, 36-year-old Weihai Women Court captured a spot on the spot seized by her wrist was robbed a bracelet Pieces, the other one was seized in her home, cracked the robbery worth millions of jade bracelet large case. Yesterday afternoon, the city police took a court to Parkson mall to identify the crime scene, on-site crowd applauded applauded at 17:50 on the 18th Xu, City Public Security Bureau 110 Command Center received a Parkson report: the mall on the first floor 'Tianyi Cui' jewelry counter saleswoman during the reception of a young woman, the young women will be priced more than 50 million yuan, more than 30 million jade bracelets, respectively, try on the left and right hand bowl, and then pulled out from the jacket pocket pepper Sprayer sprayed toward the salesman's face, resulting in an instantaneous burn of their eyes, young women then quickly flee the mall eyewitness introduction, the counter was blocked after the incident, a jewelry jewelry showcase messy. 'The woman is not high, very young, long hair, wearing a black coat with a hat, wearing a big sunglasses, almost covered half face.' As the case occurred in the bustling Zhongshan Road, and the incident time It is also the peak of passenger flow, affecting citizens greatly. Public security organs attach great importance to the report after the prompt transfer of the Public Security Bureau Interpol jointly with the Municipal Public Security Bureau set up a '11.18' task force, full crack detection Yesterday (January 1) 12 noon, the reporter was informed that the suspects robbed jade bracelets In Rongcheng network, at 1 pm the same day will be brought to Qingdao. Yesterday at 1 pm, Yanji Road, located near the city of Nanping Public Security Bureau handling law enforcement case in front of a flashing police lights stopped after the police arrested a suspect Yuan from the car. This year's 36-year-old Yuan looks very clean, dignified appearance, elegant temperament, still wearing a black hooded coat, the hat has been held down and head down to cover his face 'Last night at 6 o'clock in Rongcheng Court next to a unit captured. 'City Public Security Bureau Interpol detachment captain Jiang Wei introduced two, when Court just got off work shortly after cartier necklace diamond fake police arrested her, the Court of a hand wearing a green bracelet. 'This bracelet is Yuan Mou was stolen from the Parkson mall.' Jiang Wei introduced, according to Yuan Ming police account, found another bracelet in her home, the two robbed all arrested Jiang Wei introduced the bracelet, the incident After the task force civilian police officers to work more than one way, all the way police on-site inspection, a large number of witnesses, the police walked around Parkson mall surrounding streets, shopping malls and cartier circle necklace imitation all units, more than 3,000 people visited the masses, many people provide clues, one by one Verification. Another way to the scene and the police around the video as the focus of the investigation, a large number of transfer scene and the surrounding video surveillance investigation quickly gathered into the task force headquarters: the suspect is a wearing sunglasses, stylish 30-year-old woman . According to the suspect committing the crime not to bother the prosperous area and passenger flow peak time, not disguised when committing the crime and other characteristics, the police concluded that the suspects mens cartier necklace replica should be channeling crime. The task force leaders held several special meetings to study and deploy the project. According to the suspect's characteristics, a large-scale investigation was carried out to mobilize the platoon. 'In the course of this detection, the video surveillance played a significant role.' The police introduced the project and arranged eight police specialists During the investigation, the police of special projects went to Henan, Yantai, Weihai and other places for investigation. During this period, the temperatures in the three places plunged, and the number of special cases Police in the group started investigations in the snow, while the suspects are gradually surfaced. On the basis of grasping the evidence, the task force police confirmed that there was a suspicion of a major committing crime in Rongcheng City Court and was even more surprising according to the situation of the police. This year, the 36-year-old Yuan Mou had a good job of making a lot of income, Agency service, life is very stable, but in the past there is no previous task force police fatigue, non-stop rode Rongcheng City, with the help of the local public security organs, is divided into two groups in the ice and snow, respectively, in a unit of Yuan, living Of the district squatting, after two days of waiting, finally at 6 pm the day before yesterday, the court will be captured near the unit, and seized her stolen emerald bracelet police trial overnight, Court soon confessed himself to Parkson Mall robbery Crime committed after the crime. According to a court say, he had previously been to Parkson shopping mall, was optimistic about the jade bracelets here, but three hundred and fifty thousand of the price is not she can afford. However, the beautiful and well-dressed Court a day all day long remember that he saw the jade bracelets, the greed of the expensive bracelets, and ultimately let her willing to risk robbery November 18 at 12 noon, Court and unit said herself to Qingdao Service, take cartier love necklace with diamonds copy a long-distance car to Qingdao, will be wrapped in their own firm and later to Parkson Shopping Center, to try on the name of the two bracelets to their wrists, with the spray salesman unable to catch up, himself from the counter near the mall South Gate quickly fled the scene, changed clothes and ride back Rongcheng City, to continue normal life yesterday afternoon 2:00, the police took the suspect Yuan a came to Parkson Shopping Center, to the original she robbery 'Tianyi Cui' jewelry Jewelry counter to identify the scene, prior to this, the police sent dozens of armed SWAT, SWAT team to alert the surrounding. 2 o'clock in the afternoon, a court was escorted into the mall escort, saw such a scene, the mall staff, customers are all surrounded by up to see what happens. Yuan Court, head down all the way hard, clothing to block their handcuffs, and continue to cover most of the face with a hat When you see the suspects were brought to the jade counter, many people guess that this is the day of robbery of jade jewelry suspects People, 'is the woman's dry? So young ah, looks pretty, how to do such a thing.' 'Qingdao police broke the number of major cases, and to grab things here, how in the mind think, Sure to be caught ah. '' What a pity that a woman, how daring so much, how many years under sentenced ah. 'Onlookers whispered. Hundreds of onlookers learned that the public security department captured the suspects in just 12 days, applauded together for the police, and many people gave thumbs up. 'The case is broken, our loss is also recovered, the public security case really fast!' Store Manager Meng said pleased.
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