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Concrete Jungle

Would you believe me if I told you the jungle in the accompanying photos is growing in a foot of soil covering a concrete patio? And that some of those plants are more than 12 years old?

Located in San Francisco's Buena Vista Terrace neighborhood, the lush garden of , executive director of the and, no, his expertise is in running nonprofits, not in gardening is a testament to humans' desire to garden, plants' will to live and a low cost solution for gardening in a backyard full of concrete.

McKechnie's ingenious solution was the result of not having enough money to hire a landscaper and no way to remove the concrete himself. He was faced with two sets fake cartier like love bracelet of stairs leading to the garden from the street and no truck of his own or belonging to friends. "I thought, 'What the heck. Plants grow in pots. Why not here?'" McKechnie recounts.

Using old bricks and broken pieces of concrete left over from the property's previous owner, McKechnie stacked up retaining walls 18 inches high. "You can only get the trashman to haul out so much each week," he says, "so I started using the debris in the yard to create the walls."

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6 tips for maintaining the ultimate beardWibbitzJack Roe leads Atascocita past North Shorechron5 Easy Ways to Make Any Marriage BetterTMTimeThis Is the Most Wished For Airbnb in PortugalTMTimeDrone Hits Passenger Plane for the First Time in North AmericaBuzz60BBQ Basics: BrisketSLivingTimeYou Might See Blue Wine Popping Up on Social Media Soon. As for drainage, his patio has a slight slope that conveniently directs any runoff water toward the only unpaved area in his yard, allowing it to drain into the soil.

The fact that the garden bed sits on concrete soon proved to be inconsequential. The real challenge was the deep seasonal shade. The garden faces south typically a sunny orientation but in McKechnie's yard, light from this direction is blocked by a four story building that shades his garden in the wintertime.

McKechnie says he closely observed the garden for one year to understand its sun patterns and determine which plants would survive. "I put out a lot of plants that first year that didn't make it," he adds. "They couldn't take the wet, cold, total darkness of winter."

Others, such as his collection of fuchsias, succumbed to mites. cartier friendship fake ring "I tore those plants out," McKechnie says. "There was no sense poisoning everything to keep them looking cartier men imitation ring good."

"I've gone through dozens of plants sorting out what thrives in this shade," he adds. "I used to keep them far longer than I do now plants lingering through a horrible death. You learn to be a strong editor."

In the end, tree ferns (Dicksonia antarctica) and birds of paradise (Strelitzia nicolai and S. reginae) were cartier ring copy the survivors. Blechnum ferns, clivia and heuchera also do well in this bed. "It's all about the right plant for the right place," he concludes. And the overwhelming urge to garden, I might add.
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