Some common reasons for sleep deprivation among students


Date & time Nov 16 '19
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Proper sleep is important for right body temperature and metabolism. Moreover, sleep is fundamental to physical well-being and is crucial in helping the body recuperate from diseases.


Most health professionals recommend at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night, for efficient performance in routine life, and to revitalize the body and mind. Medical conditions, diet, environment, and habits can all affect the sleeping pattern of students. Most common cause of sleep deprivation among students is depression and/or consuming a lot of coffee and other caffeinated drinks. Drinking coffee to remain active at night, in order to complete your pending tasks isn’t really a good idea because as a result of this, your day could be very stressful and unproductive. Don’t get stressed out when you have too much of writing work to do, delegate it to a writing service like the one reviewed here at Strictly following a sleeping plan will end up improving your quality of life significantly.

Other causes of sleep deprivation include a disturbing environment with too much sound or light, intense exercise before sleeping, spending hours in front of a smartphone/laptop screen in bed, eating heavy meals before sleeping, and medical conditions such as problems with nose, throat, stomach, or joints.

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