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Outstanding Judges Will Be Honored

March 27, 1995 BARBARA MURPHY

The outstanding 1994 Municipal and Superior court judges of the year will be announced Tuesday at an annual awards night sponsored by the Ventura County Trial Lawyers Assn. The awards recognize judges who have demonstrated exceptional wisdom, patience, wit, understanding and compassion. The honorees are selected by a committee representing civil plaintiff and defense attorneys, business litigators, prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys.

Oxnard : Display of Signs Upheld by Court

December 18, 1992 PATRICK McCARTNEY

A state appeals court van cleef & arpels alhambra knock off bracelet has upheld the right of two homeowners in Oxnard Shores to display large replica bracelet van cleef and arpels signs calling attention to a former oil waste dump beneath the subdivision. In its ruling, the 2nd District Court of Appeal in Ventura overturned a preliminary injunction obtained last year by the Oxnard Shores Community Assn. Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert's collections of silver, micro mosaic and gold boxes are likely valued at well over $150 million and their intrinsic value is van cleef and arpels clover knock off bracelet even greater. What an inestimable loss to our community if we can no longer share in viewing objects whose beauty and history recall supreme moments of human creativity and the exaltation of human spirit.

VENTURA : Appeals Court Upholds Judgment Against Port


The state Court of Appeal has upheld a multimillion dollar judgment against the Ventura Port District in favor of a former development firm that went bankrupt after lengthy delays in its attempts to build the Ventura Harbor Village. Although it reduced the monetary award slightly to $15.6 million the appellate panel in Ventura ruled unanimously that the port district, which runs the Ventura Harbor, did not act in good faith in its dealings with Ocean Services Corp.

Richard W. Abbe; Retired Appellate Justice

September 6, 2000

Retired 2nd District Court of Appeal Justice Richard W. Abbe, one of the founding members of the district that serves Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, died Monday after an illness. He was 74. 18). It is one of the few major Van Gogh works that I have never seen in person. That includes, unfortunately, Sunday, when I attended the opening of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's "Van Gogh's Van Goghs." What I saw instead of art was a cattle call of human beings herded together in rooms probably meant to hold 50 or 60. In one room, I counted 300 comatose souls standing in front of one painting or another while the earphones no fashionable "art lover" is ever without these days droned on and on and on. There is no club, jazz joint or hip hop happening where such overcrowding would be allowed. argued Thursday that $500,000 bail for the 54 year old Ventura woman is excessive, because she has never committed a crime and is guilty of nothing worse than marrying the boss of a motorcycle gang. "At best, [Cheryl] Christie is a peripheral member, perhaps, of this wide ranging criminal conspiracy," lawyer Kay Duffy told a state appeals panel. "She is not a flight risk. She is not a threat to public safety.

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